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Angry and hungry

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on November 6, 2006

igouudala.jpgIt’s 3-0, then. Which means two things: 1) it’s only 3 games in the season; 2) we won them all. Therefore, we at sixers4guidos are nothing but happy. Happy but nonetheless cautious. We said 43 wins, and we are not going to change our bet just yet. To us, 3-0 so far means only 40 more wins to get to the point where we (still) think this team should reasonably get.

But we want to be optimistic. So let us state that what we liked most of these three games comes down to one thing (two, actually): the Sixers showed us poor dagos from sunny Italy that they are angry and hungry. Angry for all the negative things they have been hearing about them. Hungry ‘cause the bellies of most of the players are oh too empty.

As long as they will keep these two passions and will be able to turn ’em into positive attitudes, well, there will be serious chance that we will be proved too pessimistic and loose our bet. In that case, dear friends from both sides of the Atlantic, none will be more happy than us.

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