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Finally – part 1

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on November 28, 2006

iverson-present.jpgSpecial contribution by JT ‘Sixerguy’

As if the Liberty Bell had finally been put to use, the curse had been lifted upon Philadelphia as the sound of thousands of Philly Fans packed Broad Street on this 4th day after winning the 2009 NBA Championship.

It has been 27 years since the city has seen a championship. From 4 owners: Harold Katz, Pat Croce, to Ed Snider, and finally after an almost desertion of the team in 2007, came our savior and everyone’s friend, Mr. founder, “Tom.”
Much like Marc Cuban’s strategy, ‘Tom’ lavished the Sixers with all the luxuries an NBA team could want. Limousine pickups on the day of the games for visiting and home team players and staff, 76er towels for the visiting team with the 76ers logo and player’s names on them to take home and admire everyday.

Tom hired 16 assistant coaches (they were begging for the chance to coach in Philly) including Hakeem Olajuwon to tutor Dalembert, Scottie Pippen to instruct Andre, and Ex-Twolves GM Kevin McHale to teach Shavlik Randolph the finer points of low-post footwork.

Tom also set up an international scouting group and situated 200 scouts in 100 countries across the world which led us to finding and signing, 6’11 Chinese Phenom, Miso Hornei. Players all of a sudden wanted to play for the Sixers. They had their own personalized Xbox Matrix System and catered food from a 5 star restaurant everyday.

We got the pass-first PG we always needed in 6’7 Shaun Livingston to pair with Allen Iverson, leaving AI to play SG on offense. Mr., Tom, to keep a guy like Kyle Korver happy (since the previous GM Billy King only paid him 4 million a year contract), motivated Kyle by having him as the new’s spokesperson which skyrocketed his international popularity to even rival that of Allen Iverson’s.

Tom made a risky move but it paid off in trading Chris “Stilts” Webber to the NY Knicks for Channing Frye, Steve Francis, and a 2010 1st round pick. Frye and Iguodala, along with the scouting and pick-up of other ex- University of Arizona alum, Jason Gardner (who was playing in Belgium), created a trio and rekindled a friendship which brought out the best of all three of them.

Channing and Dalembert solidified the Center position and ‘Mr. Footwork’ Shavlik Randolph and Chinese phenom Miso Hornei brought down the house at the PF position. Kyle Korver upstaged each of his previous season’s from almost winning the 3pt contest his rookie season, to his 3rd season where he won the NBA’s 6th man award, and finally to his 4th and fifth year in the league being an Eastern Conference All Star.

Korver and Iguodala shored up the SF position. Jason Gardner and Shaun Livingston solidified the PG position with a mix of height, quickness and tenacious defense, to small, pesky and excellent shooting. Rodney Carney and his mentor AI provided mismatch problems for the opposing team at the SG position. Solid contributors off the bench were Steven Hunter, Carlos Arroyo, Andersen Varejao, Dan Gadzuric, and Eddie Griffin.

[end of part 1]

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  1. Ricky said

    great story. thanks for writing for our blog, we are honoured to get these kind of contributions. keep them coming. Ricky

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