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The picture of our season

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on December 11, 2006

kevin_ollie1.jpgKevin freaking Ollie taking the last shot (!!) and getting blocked by the 6’0 Jameer Nelson (!!!!!!).

That’s how the Orlando game ended (86-84), and that was the most logical (?) way to lose a game that we deserved to lose for the reasons I’m going to tell.

The loss – seven straight, 14th of 16 – puts us at the bottom of the Sad-lantic division, with a 5-14 record (.263%). The fact that we are 2 games away from the top of the same division it’s so embarasssing that we wouldn’t even comment right now.

Same for the Iverson case, we will talk about it later, now we want to focus on the team. I mean, the playing team. 

So here are some more random thoughts about the Orlando game:

1) Why in the hell Ollie gets 38 minutes… what’s the purpose of Ollie playing 38 minutes, to bring the ball in the other court?

2)  Dalembert was totally dominated by Howard in the first half… 20 + 7 reb and 66% FG after 2 quarters, good job Sam… In the second half, Dwight slowed down a bit, but still got the key offensive rebounds that put the Magic up 4.

3)  speaking of rebounds, Magic killed us under the boards (45-31, 23-8 at the offensive end) but as a journalist I would have to say that’s no real news

4) besides the “usual” Dalemebert, Hunter was very disappointing too. Those dudes simply don’t know how to box out, what is Moses teaching them in practices?

5) but the most disappointng thing was to count the number of possessions that we failed to either tie the game or go up by 1-2 points while tied. I guess in the 3rd and 4th quarter we went 0-9, 0-10 in those possessions because of (stupid, of course) turnovers, shot clock violations (I remember at least 2), missed shots, missed free throws (Hunter went 0-2) etc etc

You have to blame both the players (=low bball IQ, as I wrote in another post) and poor  coaching for that. But that’s no news again.

2 Responses to “The picture of our season”

  1. kalle said

    is kevin ollie still alive?

  2. […] would be easy to write firey lines repeating over and over how much he stinks, but since that’s no news at all, I would kindly prefer to remember that it’s not his fault if […]

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