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Talking about “fresh air”

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on December 16, 2006

booka_page_022_image_0001.jpgThink for a second about “fresh air”. Concentrate on the concept for a minute, please. What does come to your mind? Green fields? Cherrytrees? Beautiful young girls in bikini? New explosive basketball talents? An innovative, charismatic, self-assured coach in his forties?

Well, keep this images in your head ’cause according to this article Sixer’s new breeze of fresh air might be a bit older and, frankly, a bit stinky. More like backwater than a mountain lake, to be honest.

Yeah, fellas, while looking at the future the Sixers decided to rely upon the past. Which means, dear guidos, that the good ol’ Larry‘s back with us, apparently consulting Billy King on how to rebuild the team and get the best out of Iverson.

The funny thing is this new job (for which we don’t know yet if Larry gets paid or not: we got some ideas, though…) is – his agents words – “fresh air”. To Brown, of course. But to us?


3 Responses to “Talking about “fresh air””

  1. kalle said

    talking about brown and fresh air…is aaron mc kie available?

  2. lechners said

    apparently mckie he’s on his way back to philly, along with efthimios rentzias to provide some much needed depth to the bench.

  3. […] First it was a whistle, then a breeze; now it looks like it’s going to be a wind. […]

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