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Those two were sweet (happy 2007, guys)

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on December 27, 2006

iguodala_dunk_vs-boston.jpgEvery twelve losses it may happen to win a game. When that happens, it’s sweet. It’s so sweet that players may even gather at midcourt after the game to celebrate. Celebrate the win that “lifts” you up at a 6-19 record? Yes…

And you know why? First it stopped a streak that was becoming more than embarassing. Second, it came vs. Boston (98-83), that kicked our butts just four games before, at the Wachovia Center. Third it came vs Boston in a sellout Banknorth Garden, in front of 18.000 Celtics fans. Fourth, it came vs…Boston.

Now it might take some more time before Igoudala turns into a second coming of the Boston Strangler, but as for now, we are glad he dropped a career high 31 in Beantown. Well done, Dre.

Guys showed they were on a roll (kidding…) when they got a second, nice win, in the first Andre Miller & Joe Smith’s game, easily beating the Knicks at home (98-77), to rise to an astounding 7-19 (wow !!). Miller showed he is a playa, thing that we already knew, by the way. Actually somebody was doubting that, so we just wanted to make sure…

It was a nice way to go on a seven games road trip. While we type this, we just learned the first game of the West tour it was a 116-97 loss @ Warriors that leaves us at the last place in the Eastern conference, second worst in the League (7-20, 0.259) but actually we don’t care.

Because we are all for tanking the season right now, and get a ticket for the Oden lottery. Yes, we changed our opinion. The scenario changed, our roster changed (while our GM is still the same), so no big deal in joining the dark side and jumping on the lottery bandwagon.

Somebody would think that with a great, unselfish point guard such as Andre Miller running the show (?) on the court, this team might be good (??) enough to reach an 8th seed (currently just 4 W ahead of us, since Toronto is at the ‘top’ of the Atlantic at 12-16, 0.429…). But that would translate into a first round sweep vs Detroit or Cleveland, and more important, into losing our (=Sixers) first round pick. Then our answer (…) is: “No, thanks”.

So what do we expect from the 55 games remaining? Developing the young players (Carney, finally put in the starting line up, had a career high 25 at Golden State, and expect other players to increase their numbers thanks to Miller), possibly trading Will-he? Green, delete Ollie from the roster (he was finally benched, since we now have a true PG, now let’s take a step further).

And we want many, many, hard fought, close losses… Cheeks on the bench is the best warranty for that 🙂

On a side note, Denver topped Boston thanks to 28 + 13 by Allen Iverson. S4G are happy for that and would thank the Little Boy and wish him good luck in his run for a well deserved title. 

Happy new year, Sixers fan from all over the world. 2007 is going to be fun.

One Response to “Those two were sweet (happy 2007, guys)”

  1. sixerguy said

    “Will-he Green??” Good article once again. Welcome to the lottery bandwagon

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