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Speaking of guidos….

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on January 20, 2007

belinelli_ita.jpgFirst, let us cheer our friend, and contributor to S4G, Sixerguy: seems he’s coming to Italy for a while because of his job. Well, we hope you’ll like Guidoland, dude. For sure pizza here will taste better than in Arizona.

But while we are at it,  let’s go on with NBA guidos breakdowns, and talk about Marco Belinelli (check out the spell, guys: it’s B-E-L-I-N-E-L-L-I), 21 years old, 6-5 guard from Climamio Bologna, who will perhaps join the League this summer.

He is reportedly a possible late first round pick, let’s say from 20 to 30. This means Sixers, that have Denver and Dallas picks,  could get him. So what kind of player Belinelli is. What (dumb) comparison can we make for him? The next Vinnie Del Negro, the next Todd Lichti, the next Adam Keefe? A poor man’s Scott Brooks? An uglier Craig Ehlo? A white Greg Grant? An italian version of Brian Oliver? Guidos’ answer to Doug Overton?

Marco Belinelli, unfortunately, is “just” Marco Belinelli. We don’t know if he’s going to be ranked among the Rex Chapmans, the Brent Barrys, the Dan Majerles etc or among the Zoran Planinics and Chris Corchianis (since we are in a guido mood…) of the league. So here’s a close (?) outlook.

ASSETS: great, creative scorer. A leaper, athletic and expolsive, capable to hit the three pointer, even from NBA range, or dunk in traffic. Charisma and strong personality, not afraid to take responsabilities, often hits clutch shots. Shot release is very quick, that gives him ad advantage over the defender. Used to play in big games, due to his Italian League, Euroleague and national team experience, always in good/very good teams. A  nice guy and teamate.

WEAKNESSES: defense is streaky. He has the athleticism and skills to guard basically any player of his size but sometimes seems he’s not that interested in what happens in his half court. Shot selecion may be a concern. Marco tends to fall in love too much with the crazy, forced shots (fade aways etc). The problem is that sometimes he hits them, so he is pushed to do it again. Passing is ok but can improve.

Right now he’s passing through a difficult streak with his team, struggling a little bit. But he’s definitely a NBA player. So when Belinelli will join the League, you could say that you hear it here first.


4 Responses to “Speaking of guidos….”

  1. “A poor’s man Scott Brooks? An uglier Craig Ehlo? A white Greg Grant? An italian version of Brian Oliver? Guidos’ answer to Doug Overton?”

    All amazingly hilarious questions. Love it. And Doug Overton, king of the 10-day contract, doesn’t get enough mention anywhere else. It’s good to see someone else dropping his name aside from us. And if Doug can step away from his all-important Madden ’07 grudge match with Rick Brunson, he can enjoy this column as well.

  2. a better shooting Haywood Workman? a more dynamic Fred Hoiberg? a hairier john crotty? hard to say…..

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