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Andre Miller is a keeper (and mark this day)

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on January 27, 2007

andre-miller_utah.jpgEasy to praise a player when he just had a triple double, uh? Unfortunately Andre Miller’s 12 points, 12 rebounds and 13 assists (wow !) weren’t enough to hold a 17 points lead, so the second consecutive game vs a James-less Cleveland team resulted in a home loss (105-97) that stopped our winning streak (?) at two, and kept us at a 13-31 record (.286).

Now, all the fans that were worried for the 2 W (…) will finally calm their aesses down. No one will stop us on our road to the lottery, guys. But the real news are other.

From a journalistic point of view, it’s the fact thet we actually agree with Billy King that is interesting. Sixers’ GM basically said that he will keep Andre Miller. And for once, we think he’s right. It’s not the triple double. It’s the fact that Miller is a very good PG.

Consistent. Experienced. Solid. Still in his prime. With a pretty good contract. He’s not playing for free but in the league where Adonal Foyle gets around 9 millions until 2010 and Raef La Frenz makes 36 millions over the next three years, you can safely say that Andre’s 9 millions expiring in 2009 are even cheap. But then again, it’s not our money, so we don’t care. So, why Miller is a keeper?

He plays a key role: point guard. He is 31 but not washed up. I think that with a team of 12 players around 20-24 years old you don’t go anywhere. Clippers proved that for over than a decade, Boston is confirming this today. You need some good veterans in the mix. Even better if your veteran has the ball in his hands at the start of every play (sorry Kevin Ollie, we’re not talking about you…).

People who think that trading Miller for another expiring contract or more draft picks perhaps forget that we already have three. And forget that we already drafted a 18 year old, talented PG that can learn from Miller. Let Andre teach Louis the job.

Ouh, by the way Rodney Carney is a keeper too. 13, 18 and 14 points in the last three games, with 65% FG and 60% from three point land (!). It’ took an injury to Willie Green to see the rookie on the floor, and in the starting line up. He probably gave Cheeks those nude pics back. Now we know he can play. 

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