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Good news before the break

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on February 19, 2007

red_unis_four.jpgOk we have some good news, just before the All Star Game (that, by the way, has won the “Most boring sports event ever” prize).

The first is that Sixers went back to red uniforms, which is something I was really waiting for. Hey, each of us has some fetish passions, right? Well, mine are uniforms and logos (besides foot fetish, I mean… but I’m digressing)… so my opinion about the new unis is: not bad, but not great either. The good thing is that the colour is close to the one we should ALWAYS use, the bad thing is that our current logo still suck. Now if we could only go back to the 1978-1997 logo… but I’m confident we will.

The (four) readers of this Sixers blog perhapes noticed we changed our main colour to red too… and this BEFORE the team uniforms… it’s clear Billy King is an avid reader of Sixers4guidos

The last cool uniforms we had were actually during Iverson’s rookie year. You can take a loot at them by the picture of Clarence “Ricky believed in you” Weatherspoon below. Then, the influence of the hip-hop culture made our marketing jeniuses switch to black (!!??), and even an unbelievable electric blue. I will write again about unis for sure, but right now I’m pretty happy. Still a step in the right direction.

Other good news are the following.

We lost our last three home games (vs Clippers, Dallas and Washington) and so, before the All Star Game, our record is 17-36 (.321), still the third worst in the league. I can hear many ping pong balls bouncing… but watch out for other teams clearly slumping, Milwaukee, Seattle, Charlotte…

Lakers dropped their last five (wow !! a record for Phil Jackson, apparently) and my man Aleksandar “Sasha” Pavlovic killed them twice. In Cleveland he had a wonderful all around game with a season high 21 points, I watched it live and I can tell you it was really sweet to see a fellow serbian destroying the team I hate the most.

Speaking of teams I hate, the Boston Celtics welcomed Paul Pierce back, and PP helped them stopping their losing streak at 19, with a W over Milwaukee (congratulations to “Dumb & dumber”, Ainge and Rivers…). It’s a shame that Celts got that game because now they will start a western trip that could have taken them to the next level, at 20 and more losses… anyway…

It also seems that Andre Miller is not going to be traded. This is other good news. Now I can log on to the Sportshernia site, and enjoy the post-All Star Game comments.

2 Responses to “Good news before the break”

  1. The trend of ruining every teams uniform just kills me. And as a Sixer fan, it’s driven me crazy over the years. Somehow it was symbolic of the awful times, like with Shawn Bradley. So fitting he wore some of the ugliest jerseys around instead of the classic Sixer look they had in the Barkley days.

    This a step in the right direction and you’re right, that ‘electric blue’ was possibly the worst blue I’ve ever seen.

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