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Great, we still suck !!

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on February 25, 2007

lottery2.jpgYes, be sure of that.

I wanted to write a new post after the win vs NY, that I watched live (=for guidos this means going to to bed at 4 A.M.), but instead I decided to wait some days. Well, it worked because that good game was immediately followed by two terrific (?) losses on the road to some of the worst teams in the League, meaning Charlotte and Milwaukee. Now our 18-38 record (.321) is still the third worst in the NBA, behind only Memphis (15-42, .263) and of course the Boston Tankers (13-42, .236). 

For whoever thought that we were becoming a good team, we have some breaking, good, sweet news: we still suck, guys. Sixers lost five of the last six and are 13-20 after the Iverson trade, in the worst conference of all times…

So don’t worry, we will have tons of ping pong balls at the lottery for sure, and Maurice Cheeks is still our coach. Or, if you prefer, Maurice Cheeks is still our coach, SO we will have tons of ping pong balls at the lottery.

Lottery uh? What about having TWO picks? What seemed completely impossible in December, it’s becoming a not-so-remote possibility at the end of February. Denver is currently ranked 8th in the West, at 26-28 (.481) , now trailing the resurgent Hornets (7th at 27-29, .482) and just before Clippers (26-29, .473) and Golden State Warriors (26-30, .464).  On paper we shouldn’t count Minnesota (25-30, .455) and Sacramento (23-31, .426) out, even if I don’t think they will fight for that last spot until the end.

The Nuggets, badly beaten @ Dallas yesterday, are 12-19 after getting Iverson (!!) and, even counting the many games missed by Melo after the NY game and the ones missed by Iverson because on injuries, clearly have troubles finding the right chemistry.

Make it four losses in a row and hear this: they are 2-7 with both Melo and AI in their line up. And their two best scorers are playing pretty well, judging by reports and boxscores: it’s the rest of the teams missing. And their schedule looks tough. And I am a big Clippers fan…


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