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Two nice streaks…

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on March 10, 2007

iguodala_lakers.jpgThe first of course is the Sixers streak: six wins in a row, capping a perfect homestand. Sacramento, Phoenix, Memphis, New Jersey, Seattle and yesterday night’s 108-92 win against the L.A. Lakers, that made us rise at a 24-38 record (.387) and 19-20 overall after the Iverson trade.

The second one is in the “Who cares” category for you but very important for me, because it’s the first time I have the opportunity to watch so many consecutive Sixers games. Six in a row, right. Either with the fantastic p2p programs (TVU player, Sopcast, PPmate etc) that broadcast NBA games live or through the URLs of the games that my friend Matteo (aka marco.materazzi.23) kindly posts in a guidos basketball forum every single day. So thanks to his tips I became a sort of an addict, going to sleep at 4 am to watch our boys live or wasting sunny italian sundays to stay home and watch the taped games…

Yesterday night I really enjoyed (live, of course) the Lakers butts kicking, it’s like I was in the middle of that first sellout crowd of the year. It was a pleasure to watch the next All Star Andre Iguodala completely destroying the Fakers, connecting from downtown while being fouled by Kobe Bryant (yesssssss !!!), or seeing Andre Miller taking to school the entire, sad golden-and-purple backcourt to end with 23 points + 8 assists. Damn I like this guy more and more, I knew he’s a keeper !!

If I wasn’t a proud Korver groupie I would forget to mention that he and Sam Dalembert were very effective too. But other strange things happened in this streak, in random order I would like to remind:

– that Willie Green had a 16 points on 7/8 first quarter vs Sacramento, while John “Summer League” Salmons ended the game scoreless

– that Memphis coach Tony Barone looks like an overweight Tom Hanks

– that we outscored the Nets 60-35 in the second and third quarter (!!!), turning a 17 points deficit into a +19 lead…

– that the same Willie Green (geez) had a stellar defensive play vs Sonics, blocking Ray Allen’s shot

– that Kyle Korver is #1 in the NBA in free throw percentage at 92.5 (160 out of 173)

– that Mo Cheeks looks like a real NBA coach now (sixers4guidos always knew that, by the way :-), so much that GM Billy King just said he’s going to return next year

– that the guys look like a real squad, with a true team spirit, a unselfish attitude and even having fun during the games

– that perhaps I will regret this when we’ll land the #14 pick instead of a top 3, but right now I don’t care

One Response to “Two nice streaks…”

  1. marco.materazzi.23 said

    It has been a pleasure to help a friend to see the game… W deserved of the 76ers… The lakers are sinking 😦

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