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Dumb & dumber

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on March 21, 2007

carney-compressa.jpgNo, the dude on the right isn’t pictured while dunking, but tenths of a second before the perhaps most embarassing moment of his young pro career. In the words of’s recap :“Philadelphia rookie Rodney Carney had both benches laughing after a spectacular miss at the end of the first half. Carney, alone on a fastbreak, tried a hard one-handed dunk only to see the ball hit the back rim and sail back past the halfcourt line”.


The title of this post could have been “Talking about low basketball IQ – again” or “I just can’t root against them – Part II”, because seems this team is doing the same mistakes over and over and making me feel the same way.

So after the unforgettable, historical 74-124 home loss to Houston, that I had the honour to watch live (so I can say: “I was there !!”), we just got whipped @ Detroit, for a 96-75 loss that puts us at a 26-42 (.382) record. I could write many things about playing versus former Sixer Chris Webber & Philly natives Rasheed Wallace, Rip Hamilton & Flip Murray bla bla bla, or the fact that the streak of consecutive Sixers games I watched just reached twelve (and counting… let’s see if I can go on till the end), but instead I prefer to focus on stupidity.

Yesterday night I had the feeling that this team needs to draft SMARTNESS instead of Greg Oden or Kevin Durant. I was impressed by the number of dumb plays I watched. In no particular order:

1) goaltendings. I started a thread on the Sixers board asking if we perhaps set a new NBA record, because I could swear we goaltended at least seven times yesterday. And, hear this, it wasn’t Sam Dalembert leading us in the category, but the experienced Joe Smith… talking about the older guy “learning” from the younger?

2) turnovers. Hey, every NBA team turns the ball over many times in a game, it’s “physiological” in basketball, but we seem to do that just when our opponent needs it the most, and in the dumbest possible way(s). Over the last weeks we are specializing in

3) missed alley hoops. I understand it’s cool to have two athletic seven footers as big men and one of the best dunkers in the NBA in Andre Iguodala, and yes, it’s nice to make it to the Sportscenter or in the “Top 10” actions on but… can we give it a cut please ?????

4) ill advised shots. I had the feeling that Sixers hired Antoine Walker as “shot selection consultant”, because the bad shots we took were countless. As soon as the Pistons were starting a run, we “helped” them with hurried treys, unlikely drives to the basket, forced long jumpers… always the worst decision at the best (for the Pistons) time.

On a side note, I think that two guys deserve some special attention by Sixers4guidos today.

Willie Green has the amazing power to irk me even when he’s playing well. I am a borderline Willie Green hater, I admit. Yesterday he had a nice overall game on both ends of the floor but he apparently likes to make a stupid play immediately after a good one.

The aforementioned Rodney Carney was simply E-M-B-A-R-A-S-S-I-N-G. As soon as I wrote an email to Sixers beat writers (and fellow guidos..) Marc Narducci and Joe Juliano asking them about Mo’s mismanagement of Rodney, he came out with that kind of performance… damn !! And, be careful, it’s not for the missed dunk.

It’s for all the other things he did (or didn’t do): picked up four fouls in like four minutes on the floor (ended with 5 in 7 minutes), almost gave up a three point play to Tayshaun Prince leaving a lefthanded guy an easy drive on the left (…) on the first play of his game, turned the ball over even in garbage time etc etc. I know that we have to be patient with him but he needs to wake up quickly.

Ping pong balls, ping pong balls, I can hear you… 


3 Responses to “Dumb & dumber”

  1. Marv said

    It looks pretty there, though

  2. […] 2) Rodney “UAU” * Carney. Another poor game. In the first he missed a layup on a fastbreak, Sam grabbed the rebound and dished him the ball, he went up for the spectacular throwdown only to be rejected by… the rim ! The missed “big” dunk is one of Carney’s trademark, you have another fine example here. […]

  3. […] 1) the “1-vs-0″ missed dunk (vs Jazz at Utah, Jan 2nd 2008) – An amazing play that he’s making us used to and that follows many similar ones, see the finest case […]

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