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Dumber & dumber & dumber & dumber…

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on April 5, 2007

korver-at-knicks.jpgThis is getting ridiculous… even my boy Kyle Korver, the smartest player on the team, did his best but it wasn’t enough… what else can you say when the best free throw shooter in the League, a 92% shooter, goes 0-2 from the line with 2.3 seconds to play, up two? Well, it wasn’t enough… TO LOSE THE GAME, I mean

So instead of smartly tanking, we are setting a new world record: most useless wins in a season. The last one was a 92-90 game @ NY, that lifts us at a 30-44 record (.405). We are 25-26 after the Iverson trade, and we will rise more before the end of the season: just checked the schedule and it looks pretty easy. Or ugly, depending from your standpoint. Eight games to play, five at home, with one of the three on the road being at Boston.

We won’t make the playoffs, we won’t have a top pick either. Can it get any worse that this? You know we hate the “Negadelphia attitude”, but in this case pessimistic guys are right.

I expect the Sixers to pass another two-three teams in these last games (Sacramento, Minnesota, New York, maybe even Indiana) and end with the 9th-10th worst record, instead of the 4th-5th like it could, and should, have been. F’k.

On a side note, it’s funny how it took like five months to make the first post about my favourite Sixers player, Korver. I created the category about him in this blog today. And, btw Kyle… CAN YOU PLEASE SHOW SOME BALLS while shooting your damn free throws down the stretch? A couple of misses costed us a close game @ Milwaukee in November. Now it almost costed the game at the Garden.

Unless you were doing it on purpose. In case, I apologize.

4 Responses to “Dumber & dumber & dumber & dumber…”

  1. jmw said

    As you say the Sixers are on course to set a new unofficial record – most meaningless wins in a season but not all is lost. Sure their position in the lottery will be lower than hoped but is that really bad?

    Look at all the hype over the supposedly franchise players coming into the NBA over the years and you see lots who never really live up to the hype.

    Many of the top players in the league were not top five picks, Bryant, Nash, and Nowitski are perfect examples. Sure Durant looks super but he couldn’t even get his team to the sweet 16 in the NCAAs. Oden is big, athletic and has a defensive mentality but I see a player who could just as easily turn out to be the next Kawami Brown as Tim Duncan.

    The Sixers have three 1st round picks and a high 2nd and this is the year to have picks. Getting a few players to round out the Sixer’s nucleus of Dalembert, Korver and Igoudala is a definite possibility. Now if only there was someone to coach the kids

    If anything King has done a nice job drafting players and uncovered Korver, Green and Williams on the second round and picked Igoudala. He didn’t do so well this year but who did in a down year. So who knows maybe it is better to establish a winning attitude than gaining lottery position

  2. JMW

    thanks for commenting on my blog. I get your points and I might agree with 90% of them. I just don’t kno if it’s only “hype” surrounding those newcomers from NCAA since I don’t follow college bball

    What can I say? I just hope you are right, and thaw we won’t regret picking with a lower pick due to these useless (to me) wins

    It’s true Sixers did a nice job with drafting over the last years, let’s see if BK can go on

    Cheers from Italy

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