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It’s over at 35-47 (.427)

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on April 26, 2007

cheeks-smile.jpgYeah I know it’s too late for writing a post about the end of the eason, when it came like 8 days ago. But sometimes I also have to work, and unfortunately that moment came at the wrong time… so here we are with a recap of this crazy 2006-2007  (the first italian Sixers blog started on November 1st, day of the opener, remember?)….

First it would be fair to admit that that my 43 wins prediction was way off.  I could say that the prediction was made for the team with Iverson and Webber, but I would sound even dumber than I am since our final record after the Iverson trade is 30-29, and after Webber’s buyout is even better, 26-21. Yeah, we were 5-18 when we traded our franchise player (the embarassing 121-94 loss @ Bulls on December 7th was his last game as a Sixer) and 9-26 before getting rid of the Detroit native. Uh !

Unfortunately Sixers4guidos was right few weeks ago only when it said that with that streak of (stupid) wins at the end of the season we would have surpassed many slumping teams, putting us in a higher (=weaker) position for the lottery but with no real playoffs chances. That’s exactly what happened: no playoffs, no top lottery pick either (I’ve read somewhere that we have like 7/1000 chances to get the #1 pick…).

So all those wins had basically one main consequence: keeping Mo Cheeks (in the picture smiling, after he knew he would return, I guess…) on the bench also for next season. That’s why I think that they were not only useless but even detrimental.

Not surprisingly, the “best” Sixers in the last games of the season was Willie Green, being even more detrimental playing well than what he does on a daily basis – when he plays bad, I mean. “Thanks” to stellar (?) games by Willie is-it-true-that-I-have-four-teamates? Green we won @ Detroit @ Toronto, just to name the last ones. Finishing at 31-32 W (= behind Indiana, Charlotte, New York, Sacramento…) would have meant more ping pong balls in the lottery. So I just gave you one more reason to hat.. – ops !! – DISLIKE him.

So we didn’t tank. I know it’s bad to tank and watching Memphis and Boston did it so openly was really irking, but we could have done it in a better way. That’s why I still have mixed feeling about the end of the season, but the main one is disappointment

I would have liked to have a better shot at a top 3 pick, honestly. Let’s hope we won’t regret it and that I miss another prediction. I would be happy to be wrong this time. 

2 Responses to “It’s over at 35-47 (.427)”

  1. raffaele said

    Yeah, the last few games were a display of dumbness rarely seen on bb courts. True, there’s no guarantee you ed up getting a top pick even with loosing; but since winning meant nothing in the situation we were, we could have at least given it a try. I don’t say following the path of Boston of Memphis, top professional tankers of the seasons, but staying behind Indiana, Charlotte, New York and Sacramento would have been feasable and rational.

    On top of it, we still don’t know how good this team is. The 30-29 record after the Iverson trade you mention is not so clear: it materialized in the second part of the season, particularly in the last quarter where we faced many teams either engaged in tanking or already well settled into a playoff seed. so what’s the real value of this team and its core nucleus (Iguodala, Korver, Dalembert, Miller)? That’s what us guidos want to know.

  2. Gotta love Mo Cheeks in that picture. Simply ooozing confidence out of his pores.

    He looks like he just spent a solid afternoon with Ricky Williams and Damon Stoudamire.

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