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S4G rates for the season (I): GM and coach

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on May 3, 2007

billy-king_microfoni.jpgOk, enough with the BS, time to judge our season seriously.

The first italian Sixers blog will give rates from 1 to 10, in a scale that pretty much goes like this: marks from 1-3 mean “terrible”, 4 “very bad”, 5 “bad”, 6 “decent”, 7 “good”, 8 “excellent”, 9 … well, I won’t use marks over 8 I think…

It all starts with the head, so:


PLUS: got a good package out of the Iverson trade. Two first round picks, a real PG like Andre Miller and a more than serviceable big man like Joe Smith (that we all honestly thought of only as an expiring contract, forgetting that he still can play). Drafted pretty good again, even if the jury is still out for Rodney Carney: for sure he’s not an Araujo kind of pick, at least.

Buying Chris Webber out was a good move as well. Not BK’s fault if he got rejuvenated in Detroit (see the next rating for further details). Sixers salary cap situation is still complicated but improved. From “horrible” to “tough”, say. 

Brought back the red uniforms, something we will thank him for again and again. 

MINUS: over the last three years (meaning: after he fired Jim O’ Brien) Billy King created the big mess he eventually had to clean.

Didn’t impose Cheeks to lose more games in the second part of the season and didn’t ask  him to play the young guys more.

Hired Larry Brown again. To do what, I honestly have no clue. Neither does Larry, I guess. Hopefully Brown will go back coaching a team soon. And it won’t be the Sixers.

OVERALL RATE: 5 (bad). Still the #1 man to blame for the situation we are in now. Numbers kills him. Seemed to have learned from his previous mistakes, let’s see what he can do this summer. I have a feeling he will do pretty good at the draft but I’m scared to death that he can fuck all up again with some “creative” trade or FA signing.


PLUS: had clearly a big role in Iguodala’s development, understanding he was the Sixer to give the team to after the Iverson trade. Made the guys play hard (for him?) until the end, as recognized basically by everyone around the league. Sign of unexpected charisma inside the locker room? 

Had a wonderful end of the season, showing that his players have been athletically well trained.

Helped Dalembert and Louis Williams improving. With the first of those two, I would have already given up, I admit, while Sam had a nice season.

Always a classy guy who deserves respect for what he did for the franchise ** cough ** only as a player ** cough **…

MINUS: won too many useless games, deadly comprimising any chance to draft higher, even when it was clear that we wouldn’t have made the playoffs and – which really drove me nuts – even after being assured he would have come back for the next year as Sixers coach. Stubbornly insisted with a 7 men rotation in that stretch for no reason.

Completely mismanaged Rodney Carney, glueing him on the bench for damn too much and making him pass from a starter status to several DNP-CD games God-knows-why.

Never found a way to properly use Webber, with or without Iverson, for sure contributing to his impressively awful season as a Sixer (of course Webber behaved like a real asshole, but here we are talking about Cheeks). 

Lost a lot of games down the stretch with very stupid decisions. Example: leaving Sam, our best shotblocker, on the bench in the last play, only to lose on a layup at the buzzer. He did it not once, twice: vs Portland and Golden State.

At the end of the day, coached a team with a healthy roster and Iverson + Webber to a 5-19 record – let’s not forget it – which is pretty amazing also considering how they both performed as soon as they left the “City of brotherly love”.

RATE: 4 (very bad). It’s also unforgivable that he played Kevin Ollie in the first part of the season and Willie Green in the final part so much. I’m dead serious.

Coming up soon on Sixers4guidos: rates for Sixers backcourt players.

One Response to “S4G rates for the season (I): GM and coach”

  1. sixerguy said

    Billy King: didn’t jump the gun on an Iverson trade offer and held his cards until the best offer revealed itself. Hindsight maybe shows he shold have done the Boston trade of al Jefferson, Delonte West, and Theo Ratlif plus one first round pick but who was to know Jeferson would emerge as he had, and Andre Miller would of proved so valuable that we almost made the playoffs (rebuilding plan shold have us losing games so we can get a better draft pick).

    Drafting Rodney Carney is still unknown if its a good thing or a bad thing. The kid simply didnt play and when he did, his game seemed one-dimensional and inconsistent. It sure wasn’t like Jim O’Brien giving Iguodala 40 mpg his rookie season over the 2-time all star career 20ppg player Glenn Robinson (that still makes me laugh, remembering how Grob pouted his baby ass all the way out of the league. oh he got a ring? that bastard!).

    Agree with the Larry Brown hiring. The theme for the Sixers after the AI trade seemed to be orchestrated by Brown,

    OVerall I give him a D+ or so that wold be a 6+? In vintage King style, he tried to cover all basis and tried to please everyone by having the season go every which direction. He pleased the rebuilding fans by getting draft picks, he pleased the win now fans by almost making the playoffs, he pleased the develop the young guy fans by playing Iguodala and Louis Williams, and also pleased the fans who like to see the best players on the court regardless of how old they are by playing Joe Smith and Andre Miller. This way when questioned why the team remains mediocre King could say he did everything in his power and he can sight examples. To the naked eye fan and reporter, that will be suffice, however to the paying fans, they are smarter.

    Mo Cheeks. I read an article of an interview with Matt Barnes recently, and Barnes blasted Cheeks for destroying his confidence. It was true. I never understood why Barnes didnt play more; when he played he was good; he didn’t make mistakes. It’s one of those situations you must ask yourself why was John Salmons or Willie Green taking minutes from Matt Barnes? Then to add fuel to the fire, we let him go for nothing, draft Bobby Jones, bring in Ivan McFarlin and Steve Smith, and give Willie Green a 5 year contract. We see Barnes tearing it up in GOlden State and the ‘I told you so’ fans come out of the dark. Oh it’s the system he plays in, is an excuse we here. No one really brings this question up, but Mo should be the one to blame for letting this ‘player’ leave and be alienated. A coach is supposed to figure out how to relate to every player, no jsut certain types of players, and then make the most out of them. Seems Barnes rubbed Cheeks the wrong way, and for that matter Jim Obrein also the wrong way. Mark it down, the fans in Philly always loved Barnes and we blame the Sixers for this one.

    Cheeks also deserves blame for being insecure. He’s not a good coach bottom line. He has a job because he played for the Sixers and helped them win a championship. There isn’t any particular skill Mo Cheeks is known to have. He’s just there. A nice guy, kinda like a temp….his style seems to best be the babysitter that comes to watch over the kids while the real parents {coaches] make the most out of their teams. Cheeks actually is a detriment though and I don’t see anything positive he really did. The Hunter / Dalembert combination took a year and a half for him to figure out when fans have been screaming for it to be done the day we got Hunter (twin towers was pleaded). He played Iguodala almost into the ground as Andre logged 45+ mpg. Andre Miller proved that this team needed a pass-first PG but for God’s sake….you made you point! No need to shove it in the crtics faces already! Cheeks played Kevin Ollie becasue… i don’t know why. i think Billy King gets credit for finally stepping in and telling Cheeks to play Louis Williams, which Cheeks did, but still played Andre Miller 40 mpg. Love Cheeks all you want, he’s a nice guy, but watch the NBA playoffs, and listen to the announcers praise Avery Johnson, Don Nelson, Phil Jackson, Jerry Sloan, etc, and ask yourself do you think Cheeks will ever be getting coaching praise? I give Cheeks a 5-

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