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S4G rates for the season (II): back court

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on May 7, 2007

andre-miller-debut.jpgANDRE MILLER

I do like this guy (left, in his debut as a Sixer, playing vs New York on December 23th).

A real playmaker like we haven’t seen for many years. Maybe since Johnny Dawkins. Or Maurice Cheeks (the player, I mean). And it’s not only that he’s old school, he’s really good too.

One of the reasons Sixers had that kind of exciting (?) end of the season. I won’t start the “makes the others better” bullshit debate, maybe that’s true, maybe it’s not, but the point is that he makes the team play well, sets up his teamates, can decide a game with an assist o a clutch shot when needed.

A keeper for the next two seasons at least. Then we’ll see how Louis Williams has developed.

Rate: 7,5


As much as my hatred for the guy is well documented (well, not only mine, but I’m one of the leaders of the anti-Green party), I have to say he had a good season and I have to give him props for how he recovered after that bad injury. He’s definitely a NBA player, something I really doubted before. Now we can (and MUST) trade him, his trade value can’t get any higher.

Rate: 7


One of the nicest surprises of this season. Even sweeter considering he played a total of 15 minutes in the first 19 games (…), because some idiot played Kevin freaking Ollie (see after) instead of him. The guy was put in the regular rotation only in late January (…), and than started showing he has game. Dude has yet to turn 21 y/o and is at his second year in the league. Hopefully a player you can count on to run the post-Miller team.

Rate: 6.5


It would be easy to write firey lines repeating over and over how much he stinks, but since that’s no news at all, I would kindly prefer to remember that it’s not his fault if he’s still in the NBA and still finds someone who puts his lame, old, ugly, ass on the floor. Kevin, brotha, build a statue to your agent, he has to be the smartest cat in the business. And don’t forget to send Mo your monthly check.

Rate: 5

Former Sixer (!!) ALLEN IVERSON

Whoa….I was, am, and will be an Iverson fan. But I am a Sixers fan first. No bad feelings for one of the best Sixers ever, much respect for him and what he did for the franchise, also this year, and also when he left Philly (= what we got for him, I mean). Maybe he was traded one year later than it should have been. Thanks for everything, I hope you will get a ring in Denver or somewhere else. If this won’t happen, I won’t consider him a loser anyway. Peace. Go Sixers.

Rate: 9 (for the nice memories, but not only for them)

Coming up soon on Sixers4guidos: swingmen


3 Responses to “S4G rates for the season (II): back court”

  1. Sixersbaby said

    Andre Miller

    The player: I’d give him an 8. I think he’s an excellent player who could put a team over the top if they needed a point guard. And he has a maddening (see below) knack for making the right plays down the stretch.

    The team player: He gets a 2. The point guard’s supposed to know what’s best for the team. What’s with all the game winning plays? I know you can’t tank a blowout, but if you’re up 1 with 30 seconds left, throw the pass behind the cutter, or shoot that jumper just a little short. And why no Paul Pierce style fake debilitating injury? He should have shut it down a month after the trade. Show up at the game in crutches after “slipping” in your kitchen. When that gets better, develop some inexplicable pain in your wrist. PSP related injury! Eddie griffen style porn related injury. ANYTHING!!!

  2. Good point about “the team player”, I love it !!

  3. PhillyPino said

    Andre Miller is the man. This is the guy I saw out of Cleveland that was lightin it up. Maybe under some systems with certain players he tends to flourish, however I had no idea how well he’d do here. When the ’07 starts and they win 6 of their first 8 games, his trade value will skyrocket because everyone around the league will realize that he’s the reason everybody on the team is getting the basketball. i am no guido btw. But those chicks are smokin.

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