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S4G rates for the season (III): swingmen

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on May 13, 2007

iguodala-at-knicks.jpgOk let’s go on with our debatable rates…

It’s time to proclaim the best Sixer of the season:


By far #1 Sixer this year. When Iverson was traded he understood he had the chance to become the new franchise player and took advantage of it. He played like an All star in the second part of the season.  He will be an All star next season.

Let’s hope Billy King WILL overpay him next summer, he did it with Kenny Thomas, Willie Green, Brian Skinner and other bums, this time I woulnd’t mind if he’d do the same with a player like Iguodala…

Sixers4guidos picked Andre Iguodala also for its head-to-head league team, one of the few good notes of an awful Yahoo fantasy basketball season.

Amazing player and a cornerstone for the future of this franchise.

Rate: 8


Well, you all know that the first italian Sixers blog is biased when it comes to talk about Korver. I really love the guy and the crush started even before he came in the League. Maybe it’s funny to tell this story.

Korver was actually drafted by New Jersey with the 51st pick of the 2003 draft… Sixers got the rights for him thanks to one of the few smart moves Billy King did.

Well, after this, in the Sixers board guys started joking about this guy from Creighton (not exactly a basketball powerhouse…) being “the next Larry Bird”.. I found it funny and proclaimed myself the “first Korver groupie”. Of course by that time I NEVER SAW HIM PLAYING.

But how come you not like this Aston Kutcher clone, with that unbelievable haircut and a fame of being a deadly 3pt shooter (I like shooters)?

So that’s how the whole Korver affair started… later he showed he is a NBA player, earned a spot in the Sixers rotation and now is a key contributor for the team, and considered the best 3p shooter in the NBA. This year, among the other things, his haircut got even worse but he won the title of best free throws shooter in the NBA, with a remarkable 91.4%.

A steal (maybe the only one we have), and a bargain. for NBA contracts standards (same). Long life to Kyle Korver in a Sixers uniform.

Rate: 7.5


Tre truth is I actually don’t know what to say about Carney. The first thought that comes to my mind is that he’s been totally mismanaged by Cheeks, like we already said.  This guy came in the league with a reputation of being a good defensive player – and he was drafted for this – but he didn’t show much of it. His atheticism is really impressive but at 20 y/o and 6’7  if you are a NBA player you can’t be anything else than athletic, I guess.

One would think that a rookie swingman could average more than 0.4 assists per game and shoot better than 60.9 % from the free throw line – which really irks me. So we already know where he has to improve: ball handling (he NEVER uses his left hand), rebounding, shooting, shooting, shooting. He’s still very rough indeed.

On the other hand, we have to say that a smart coach would have used him more than 17 minutes per game, especially in a season that was basically over by mid January, and would have never confused him passing from some appearances as a starter to many, unexcusable DNP-CDs.

Let’s hope Mo hasn’t fucked him up yet, and that we won’t see Rodney Carney become a star in another team, like Bruce Bowen, Raja Bell, Matt Barnes and others did. I have the feeling (only the feeling, honestly I don’t have many facts to back this up) he can be a very nice player.

Rate: 6

Coming up on Sixers4guidos: front court players


2 Responses to “S4G rates for the season (III): swingmen”

  1. Overpaying for Kenny Thomas, Willie Green, and Brian Skinner. That’s just painful, no other way to put it.

    Random question – I stopped watching Sixer games last year mostly because they were never shown on national TV after Iverson left, so I really had no choice. So I litreally haven’t seen them in awhile. Did Iguodala bulk up considerably? He looks like a monster in that picture.

    Also, I know we’ve talked about this before, but why do those uniforms have to have a wave coming out of the basketball? It looks ridiculous. So close, yet so far.

  2. my friend I should have added Sam Dalemebert to the overpaid guys list. He had a pretty good season (check the next post on this blog) but is still far from earning that salary

    I think Iguodala added some bulk over the last years but the picture makes him bigger than he actually is. I hope he doesn’t lose his athleticism lifting weights too much

    Yes, the logo with the wave is stupid, but we made a step in the right direction turning back to the red unis. Now we have only to fix that and, possibly, go back to the old 1978-1997 logo

    (damn I could go on for months talking about uniforms and logos… kind of addicted..)

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