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So it’s #12. Let’s have fun, then

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on May 23, 2007

draftlott627.jpgI really enjoyed following the lottery live yesterday night, chatting with my friend Sixerguy on Yahoo messenger. It was pretty fun, first the long awaiting, between endless commercials and stupid interviews, then the quick conclusion.

At the end of the day we will pick at 12th, not exactly surprising, since we had like the 93% of possibilities to end up there…

So what are my feelings? First one is the “I knew it” phase, the typical italian-smart-ass-attitude, well backed up by mathematical possibilities this time.

Second came the “Holy shit” phase, since I realized that Seattle got the #2 overall pick (= Kevin Durant) after losing only 4 games more than Sixers.

Here I went back to the “I knew it” phase, because I wrote several times that with a SMART – not dirty – tanking we could have had more ping pong balls, and this without losing our dignity *** COUGH *** unlike Boston… ** COUGH ***.

I mean, it wasn’t that difficult to lose another 4-5 games at the end of the regular season, but Mo Cheeks & co thought the opposite, so we’re stuck at #12. Whatever.

Third is the “ROTFLMAO” phase, when I think that the same Celtics “picked up another loss in the League’s draft lottery Tuesday night: the fifth overall pick, the worst case scenario going into the night” (for complete coverage about “Celtics’ luck a thing of the past” read this…). I’m really glad their pathetic tanking wasn’t rewarded… same for Milwaukee.

So, following this “fun” trend, instead of making a serious, deep analysis of the draft (we  have the whole summer time for that…) I eventually let my creative side go.


Here is some random thoughts that came to my mind after the lottery draft, I’m pulling a Sportshernia… (can’t wait for their comments, BTW)

“And with the #1 overall pick, in the NBA 2007 draft, the Portland Trail Blazers select… SAM BOWIE JR. !!!!” – the crowd goes “oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!”…

“Boston trades its #5 pick to Portland for Sebastian Telfair” – When Ainge realized that Telfair was already a Celtic, it was too late.

“Ohio State trades Greg Oden to Portland for Raef LaFrentz”- LaFrentz is just as good as shotblocker as Oden, and can open the zone defenses with his 3pt shooting” Thad Matta explained.

“Doc Rivers extends Ainge as Boston’s GM” – The League was caught by surprise by the move and is now investigating whether the rules allow it.

“Kobe shocked by Western conference getting tougher, says he’s willing to take less shots to make his team more competitive” – but only in the second quarter, and if tripleteamed.

“After draft, Boston looking for a PG” – Apparently Telfair, West, Rondo and Ray are not enough. “Atlanta Hawks have 5 small forwards, I want to tie” – Ainge reportedly said.

“David Stern to move Danny Ainge, Billy King & Isiah Thomas to western franchises” – In order to balance Oden & Durant going West.

“Billy King is Sixers’ general manager, and Maurice Cheeks is the coach” – Damn, this is true…

It’s going to be a fun 2007/2008 season guys.


One Response to “So it’s #12. Let’s have fun, then”

  1. depressedfan said

    “David Stern to move Danny Ainge, Billy King & Isiah Thomas to western franchises”

    That one made me laugh out loud.

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