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Webber gets some deserved (eternal?) rest

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on June 3, 2007

(Dedicated to my friends paul_mokeski and ROLEN76 from the Sixers forum)

cle-detg6_cw_and_z_2.jpgHe played way better than I thought, I admit, but still went fishing at the end.

Chris Webber’s and Pistons season came to end last night when they lost to Cavs in game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals. The series is over, Pistons season too, Webber’s season too, his career – perhaps – too.

11.6 pt, 6 reb with 51% fg in six games is a very good stat in my opinion, also considering he played center, like he did all year. Not enough for a possessed Lebron and his fierce Cavs, though. 

But Webber surprised me. He did contribute to the very good season Pistons had, and also in the playoffs he recovered from a very bad series vs Chicago to play more than decently vs Cavs. Webber was opposed mainly to 7’3 Zydrunas Ilgauskas, in a matchup among the League’s most immobile players that is already a classic in my book (see the picture, one of the most dynamic ones I found). He even scored a clutch basket in game5 (ouh, “and one” !), getting an unbelievable continuation from the refs. Useless, at the end.

Exactly like he was useless as a Sixer, disappointing all his fans (?), including Sixers4guidos staff (??). But watching him playing a big part for this Pistons team was another confirmation of how he was/we were poorly coached in Philadelphia.

Not saying mulleted Flip Saunders is a great basketball mind, but at least he found a way to make him work, switching him to a position he never played, and at 34 y/o, by the way. I guess having a well oiled system, both defensively and offensively, helped.

What about Cheeks? And Cheeks’ system? Ok, sorry, I was joking. 

2 Responses to “Webber gets some deserved (eternal?) rest”

  1. sixerguy said

    this is just one of those things that us friends of yours can’t get through to you huh?

    Webber just sucks man, the quicker you understand, the less pain youll have to endure.

  2. LOL probably u r right

    just give me some more time to realize it

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