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Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on June 26, 2007

jeff-green.jpg(For non-guido readers: this is a small survey that I’ve made among fellow Sixers bloggers and some KNOWLEDGEABLE members of the Sixers board on that I am more familiar with.

Even if you don’t understand italian, it doesn’t matter, just check the predictions about the upcoming draft, it’s easy… then we’ll see who was right. It’s just for fun, of course)

E’ il primo post che scrivo in italiano, lo faccio all’antivigilia di un momento molto importante per la squadra, il draft di giovedì prossimo.

Per gioco ho chiesto ai più autorevoli Sixers blog(ger)s e ad alcuni selezionati membri del forum dedicato ai Sixers su, dove scrivo anche io, di indicare le loro previsioni sul prossimo draft. Fra 48 ore vedremo chi ci ha azzeccato !!!

Partiamo con Jon Burkett di “PASSION & PRIDE“, uno dei migliori blog sui Sixers (

Interessante la sua teoria: secondo Jon i Sixers cederanno le scelte #12 e #30 + Willie Green ai Milwaukee Bucks per ottenere in cambio Dan Gadzuric e la scelta #6. Poi sceglieranno così:

#6 Jeff Green (nella foto)

#21 Josh Mc Roberts

#38 Aaron Brooks (a meno che Taureen Green sia ancora disponibile)

“Passion and pride” blogger Jon Burkett kindly answers to my survey request and says: “for the record, I say that the Sixers will trade the 12th and 30th picks with Willie Green to the Bucks for the 6th pick and Dan Gadzuric, then draft Jeff Green at 6. They’ll take Josh McRoberts at 21. Then with 38, select Aaron Brooks (unless Taureen Green is still on the board)”

Brian Ward di DEPRESSED FAN (, altro blog molto bello e completo (e vagamente pessimista…), che spazia dal basket al football al baseball:

#12 Jeff Green/Al Thornton

#21 Rudy Fernandez/Marco Belinelli

#30 Glen “Big baby” Davis

#38 Marc Gasol

Il “miglior scenario” per The 700 level, altro bellissimo blog dedicato a tutte le squadre di Philadelphia ( è questo:

#12 Jeff Green

#21 Thaddeus Young

#30 Nick Fazekas o Petteri Kopponen

(segue – to be continued)

8 Responses to “Sixers blog(ger)s predictions – Pronostici dai blog (I)”

  1. lafrenz45 said

    IMHO the best scenario for 76ers is J.Burkett’s proposal. Can you imagine wing foundation of AI, R.Carney and J.Green (woohooo) + backup center + a sleeper at PF in McRoberts and winning mentality backup PG with a NCAA championship in his pocket.

  2. brate

    looks nice, even if unlikely….

    I won’t post my predictions because, for the 100th time, I don’t follow college bball, I’m just enjoying reading others’ choices – so that I can make fun of them after the draft (LOL, joking…)

    more predictions to come soon

  3. kalle said

    if he’s availavle at 12, i predict chuck nevitt

  4. Jon said

    Billy King says he has 3 or 4 offers on the table to move up.

  5. thanks for the update

    don’t know if this is a good thing… BK always scares me to death when it comes to trades… btw, why didn’t we lose 3-4 more games at the end of the reg season, instead of trying to move up now? how stupid that was ???

    ok, enough, let’s move on

  6. brian said

    Hey Ricky,

    Goes to show you what I know. Nice work putting together everyone’s picks.

    (depressed fan)

  7. thanks Brian

    BTW no one, and I mean no one, guessed our picks.

    talking about BK pulling a rabbit out of his XXX here, LOL

  8. Big Bob said

    Ask Bobby Jones about life with the sixers 585-233-7446

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