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And Billy King’s plan is….?????

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on June 29, 2007

thaddeus-young.jpgLet me make this clear immediately: I AM NOT – I repeat, I AM NOT – a college basketball expert. I don’t follow NCAA. Ok?

I don’t know shlt about college players except when I (occasionally) watch some game. It happened like 3-4 times this year, so that you know it.

That’s why I won’t break down Sixers’ draft picks, first because in my blogroll you have dozens of sites that do it remarkably, second because I wouldn’t be credible. And as a Sixers blogger I want to be credible.

Let’s stick to FACTS and things that are SURE. 

Fact #1 is this: “The draft concluded with the Sixers eventually acquiring Georgia Tech forward Thaddeus Young (in the picture), Colorado State 7-footer Jason Smith, Vanderbilt forward Derrick Byars and Providence forward/center Herbert Hill“.

All I read about these guys is: Young could be a terrific player but CAN NOT play PF, Jason Smith is a good big man with serious upside (…) but an average rebounder, Byars is a SG/SF, Hill doesn’t count, I guess…

Fact #2 is: Sixers desperately needed (well, actually need) a REBOUNDING PF. They didn’t get any player to solve this problem, that to me was THE priority.

Fact #3 is: we didnt’ manage to trade up, even if we had a lot of assets to do so, such as 4 picks a really good playmaker like Andre Miller + some role players that could be used, Carney, Hunter, Green etc. Billy King’s explaination for failing to trade up is this. Some significant excerpts:

“We did everything we [could] to move up to get a big [man] – it didn’t work out”

“We offered some great situations; other teams chose not to [accept] them”

“We’re not done. This is not the end product that we’re going to start the season with.”

This is always our resident idiot GM speaking. To me, working in the P.R. business for the last fifteen years, these sentences can be translated into:

1) I didn’t do my job

2) Other teams’ GMs did it

3) I am not satisfied with what I ended up with

This REGUARDLESS of the value of the new players, I repeat. They might turn out to be great, I do hope so, but I’m talking about another story. The story of a GM who doesn’t have a plan (unless you considering that saving his own job is a plan), doesn’t have a long term view, that at the end of the day is MEDIOCRE. Billy King, not that we didn’t know before, but you suck.

Do these picks put us in the playoffs mix again? I am not sure… Celtics and Knicks improved a lot last night (short term fixes, anyway, like it’s well explained by Yahoo’s Wojnarowski, so I am not impressed with their moves, just to be clear…).

Do these picks help us in the long term? Difficult to say, but if I have to answer now I would say NO.

We still miss a very important piece to be competetive – in the weak Eastern conference, btw – a very good PF in a league that was already CROWDED of terrific PFs and since last night even more, with Durant, Horford, Brandan Wright, Noah (a Sixers target, as King confirmed), Hawes and Yi coming in…

The Sixers team coming out of last night’s draft would still be KILLED under the boards on a daily basis. I think we will resign Joe Smith, actually we should do it, we need his toughness and some veteran leadership. I am ok with Joe staying here for a couple of years, but at a reasonable price (which is always a risky expression when your GM is Billy King).

The last thing I would like to add is that Portland (2009 NBA champs?) ended up with Oden, Frye, Francis (…) and Rudy Fernandez after finishing the season with 3 (THREE !!) losses more than us.

Now how do now sound our last regular season wins @ Detroit, @ Toronto, vs Indiana? Glorious? or DETRIMENTAL AND STUPID?

Ok enough being negative, let’s chill out and wait some time for a deeper analysis. This sounds more like a instinctive vent, I realize it now. Sorry.

Maybe it’s the two hours I slept to follow the draft live before going to work… Sixers madness anyone?

8 Responses to “And Billy King’s plan is….?????”

  1. JJ said

    Hi Ricky,
    Saw your posts a few times over at Depressed fan and wanted to read your take on the draft.

    Prior to the draft, I had heard of a rumor that King was going to package Pick #12,#21 and #30 along with Korver to move up in the draft. Not a cool idea. But these choices are even worse than I imagined. From what limited basketball knowledge I have, Thaddeus Young was projected as a second round pick and definitely would have been available at #21. Thornton, who I have seen play, would have been a smarter choice. (Obviously the Clippers thought so).

    Will this lousy draft finally be enough to rid us of BK, in your opinion? I agree with your assessment 100% that his comments reflect that he simply isn’t capable of doing the job. Looks like another year of lottery picks for the Sixers in 2008.

  2. JJ

    thanks for commenting on my blog. I put a lot of passion in trying to make it nice so it’s good to have kind feedbacks. thanks

    as for Thaddeus Young, I saw most of mock drafts had him around #18-#22 (not in the second round) before last night so I guess that Sixers are really high on him. Let’s hope we go on with our good tradition of draft picks, that’s one of the few things that BK did well lately

    my concerns are: Iggy, Korver, Carney, Young, Byars… too many SFs ?? the “older” one has 3 years of experience in the league… does it makes sense? to me few. Will Carney be shipped? It appears likely. After only one year? can u say Raja Bell, Matt Barnes all over again? I’m afraid so…

    unfortunately what I understand from here is that BK position is pretty solid, Snider seems to trust him 100%, God knows why. He got a nice package off the Iverson deal but cound’t get the job done at the end.

    The biggest mistake to me was winning so many useless games at the end of the season, playing Iggy, Miller etc 40+ minutes per game for no reason and leaving Carney, Jones & co on the bench or giving them garbage time minutes. Completely idiotic.

    BK tried to trade up and couldn’t do it, while with a SMART MANAGEMENT (= not tanking !!) of the last 2-3 weeks of the regular season we could have easily got the big man we need at #8, #9 or #10 now

  3. JJ said

    It’s enjoyable to read comments from you and Brian because a lot of fans abandoned the Sixers last year and lost interest and neither of you did. You guys kept the interest and hope alive for the rest of us in your blogs.

    I’m sorry to sound pessimistic, but I don’t see this draft improving the team, regenerating fan interest or putting people in the seats. The build up to the draft had generated so much optimism and now that it’s over, there are more questions than answers. The team, as it stands, is out of balance. Where’s the big bodied PF and punishing Center the Sixers needed? And what are they going to do with all those SFs on the roster?

    The Sixers could have picked up Al Thornton and still gotten Young at #21, in all likelihood. And with Young in town, I think you’re right that Carney is on his way to another city and will probably turn into a solid player for someone else. I get tired of seeing former Sixers thrive for their new teams.

    In all fairness, we haven’t seen these guys play, but, in your opinion, as the team stands right now, are the Sixers headed for a lottery pick again next year?

  4. thanks again

    well I didn’t leave the team in the Sharon Wright-Clarence Weatherspoon years, with 3 seasons with a best of 22 W, why should I do it now? I will always support the Sixers

    these 33-35 W years look like Wonderland compared to the Johnny Davis era, LOL

  5. curtisaseeyounexttuesday said

    Great website dude, Jason Smith is a terrefic rebounder. We got the pf slot covered. Now if only that shit-bird Sammy D can ever box someone out. I don’t understand trading the 38th pick for the 52. That guy Fasenko looked huge.

  6. JJ said

    The rumor I had heard was that Billy King was offering Korver and at least two of the three first round picks for Yi and the Bucks refused it. Yi and his agent Dan Fegan refused to work out for Milwaukee and were shocked when Harris and the Bucks selected him. They’ve been avoiding all contact with the Bucks and have publicly asked for a trade.

    Although Korver may be the best Sixth man in the league, on a serious contending team he is not a regular starter. I like him and want to see him stay here, but if we could get a starting PF or wide bodied, punishing Center for him, then a trade would have to be considered. But if what King offered Milwaukee was true, wasn’t that too high a price for Yi, who is still an unknown commodity?

    What happens if Yi refuses to sign with Milwaukee? How long do the Bucks hold his rights?

  7. Curits thanks for the props. I hope u r right about Smith and that he’s the rebounder we need. The reports I’ve read say that he’s not this monster under the boards but we’ll see

    JJ I am a huge Korver fan and I hope he stays with us. If we have an opportunity to make the team better, then he can get traded, I don’t care about him, I am a Sixers fan

    to me there is no way the League will allow Yi not to play for the Bucks, that would be a too dangerous precedent. Imagine the eventual mess that would create… rookies picking the team where they want to play ????? No way…

  8. […] him gone after the Iverson trade (a move that I liked, though), I confirmed that he doesn’t have a plan, that he sucks, and I repeated it few days […]

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