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Sixers already under .500, panic time

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on July 10, 2007

louis_williams_summer-league.jpg…aaaahhhh, where is dear old John Salmons when you need him?

I took a look at Sixers roster on and he’s nowhere to be found. Then I realized he is no more a Sixers and I immediately got relaxed. Whew !! We managed to ship that bum, finally. What is more surprising, this or the fact the somebody else signed him?

This smart thought allowed me to go to a further step: remembering that Salmons “plays” for the Sacramento Kings now. So I checked the Kings roster but among the Cezary Trybanskis, the Christian Marakers and the Nik Caner-Medleys of this world he’s nowhere to be found again. 

At the end of the day the main question then is: how can a Summer League start without John “Summer League” Salmons ????? The king of the useless career high, the sultan of garbage games, the MVP of the off season(s), the star of the “When it doesn’t count” selections. If the NBA was played from July to August, John Salmons would be a HOF, mark my words. 

Still, I read a lot of comments about the Sixers Summer League in Vegas and I see many people taking it way too seriously. Guys, it’s a FRIGGING SUMMER LEAGUE !!

Three years veteran (lol) Louis Williams – in the picture – is an “Iverson clone” because he has too many turnovers and is a shoot first PG (my take: I WISH he is an Iverson clone…), Jason Smith‘s arms are too short (!) so he can’t play PF, Thaddeus Young is too raw so “we should have drafted Al Thornton”, Derrick Byars is a bum that “won’t make the team”…jeez, give me a break !!!

John Salmons used to shoot the lights out in the last 25 Summer Leagues he played, but he’s still John Salmons, a mediocre to bad NBA player !! And I don’t remember Iguodala shining in a Summer League, but he eventually became Andre Iguodala !! 

So everybody calm your arse down and take these games for what they are, a simple indication of things that COULD happen later in the season. It’s not even preseason is a Summer League, see, they don’t even wear the real uniforms…

Now some real facts that I appreciated in the Sixers Summer League so far are:

1) Iguodala is following the team, watching games in the stands and cheering for his team mates. Very nice from him.

2) fellow guido Marco Belinelli is playing really well (just don’t become “the italian John Salmons”, fella…)

3) Rodney Carney, a serious candidate to make my “guys I will never give up on” team*, is apparently (and slowly) improving. He still can’t hit his free throws, though.

Ouh, I forgot, our record is currently 1-2. Push the “Panic” button.

* = the roster currently includes Lamar Odom, DARKO MILICIC, Hedo Turkoglu, Carlos Delfino, Corey Maggette, Shaun Livingston.

4 Responses to “Sixers already under .500, panic time”

  1. Chris said

    Salmons makes about 5.5 million a year for the Kings now…

    he’s their Willie Green

  2. he even makes more $$ than Willie Green LOL

    (unfortunately with the overtime W of last night vs Lakers, Sixers raised up to .500… we gotta wait a little bit more to panic again 🙂 )

  3. […] in the Sixers world at least. Sixers fans are the ones that like to push the button in the picture even for the Summer League, imagine now… and imagine  Sunday night, when our record will be 0-5 after the […]

  4. King said

    Look at his stats this year… I bet you wish you still had him now!!!!! HAHA

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