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Sixers4guidos translation for BK’s sentence

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on July 16, 2007

billy-king.jpgSixers beat writer and fellow guido Marc Narducci just wrote:

‘In a phone interview Saturday, Sixers president and general manager Billy King said his team would use discipline in the free-agent market. Oddly enough, he cited the team that beat the Sixers out for Smith.

“Look at what a good job Chicago has done” King said. “They had the discipline not to overspend, and last year they were able to have the cap room to sign Ben Wallace”. Link for the whole story


“I am an HOF idiot.

I couldn’t do what Bulls and many savy GMs did (= have the discipline not to overspend).

I overpaid big time for average to bad players, giving them 5-6 yrs deals like they were candies and now Sixers can’t play any role in the free agent market.

Look at Chicago, they can so they stole us players we would have liked to keep or sign.

Thanks God guido journalists in Philadelphia don’t have the balls to bash me like I would deserve”.

But the first italian Sixers blog has.

5 Responses to “Sixers4guidos translation for BK’s sentence”

  1. Jon said

    I think he’s saying, “don’t panic, cause that’s how I got us in this mess.”

  2. Chris said


  3. Chris said

  4. kmalmros said

    It’s possible he’s saying,

    “I’d pay millions for the signature Ben Wallace ‘fro as well. That’s my plan. To save money under the cap in an effort to acquire the free agent with the best hair. If he can rebound and score in the paint, that’s fine too. The Bulls were lucky to get both in one finely coiffed package. Bravo.”

  5. […] Iverson trade (a move that I liked, though), I confirmed that he doesn’t have a plan, that he sucks, and I repeated it few days […]

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