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You know your team sucks when…

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on July 16, 2007

amundson_200_070410.jpg… you think inserting Kevin Ollie in the starting line up could improve it, or when bloggers of that team write serious posts about Louis Amundson.

The situation here is apparently getting tougher, because I DO REMEMBER several posters in the Sixers board at the beginning of the last season suggesting that Kevin Ollie should start (…). 

Now, in the same board, many guys are trying to explain Louis Amundson’s skills (?) and even fellow bloggers I truly respect seem pretty high on this guy and hope he makes the team.

The arguments used were/are “veteran leadership”, “tough defense”, “good distributor”  – for Ollie – and “energy guy”, “shot blocking ability”, “hustler”  – for Amundson.

[deep breathe pause]

Now let’s make this clear:

a) Kevin Ollie SUCKS

b) Louis Amundson (in the picture, just before getting posterized by another anonymous bum) STINKS

c) they both shouldn’t play in the NBA.

Actually I hardly believe that I am writing a post about these guys.

I just realized I have a “Kevin Ollie” category in my blog (those magic mushrooms often have terrific effects), and I don’t want to destroy what’s left of my credibility creating a new one named “Louis Amundson”. So as for now, this post will remain in the “Offseason” category.

Now let me explain why Louis Amundson stinks… oh my God, do you really need this? Ok, ok..

1) He is SMALL. Undersized for a C. Not enough height, size, bulk. Short arms, also. He is listed at 6-9, which means he’s actually around 6-7…

2) He is NOT SKILLED ENOUGH to play PF, the toughest position to play in the NBA, because of the unbelievable amount of talents piled up there. Duncan, Nowitzki, Garnett, Brand, Boozer, Bosh, Rasheed Wallace, Gasol, Okafor, Randolph even Josh Smith, Al Jefferson etc. + all the newcomers: Durant, Horford, Brandan Wright, Noah etc… 

Well, how do you feel putting Amundson on the floor vs one of those guys even for 5 minutes per game? Scared? Same for me. Those would be the 5 minutes of a 4-20 break, with Sixers killed under the boards, that you hardly recover.

3) He does NOTHING well. Now I challange you: name me one thing he is good at.

Shotblocking, maybe. He has a good timing coming from the weak side. Ok, assuming this is true we already have one excellent shot blocker in Dalembert, and another good one in Hunter. Guess what? Neither of them is a very good rebounder, which is the only thing we really need.

He hustles. Yeah, I saw some Summer League games and he does it, true. He is capable of jumping 3-4 times for a rebound. Nice. But since he had real struggles finishing in the Summer League, what does make you think that he can do it in the NBA ??? He would get rejected and embarassed by real bigs.

4) he doesn’t have a single, reliable offensive move. No one would ask him to score a lot of points of course but well, if you could sometimes put the ball in the basket it would help.

Herbert Hill, to name another guy who is fighting for a roster spot, showed he has a soft touch and good hands. Some back to the basket moves, a nice jumper, little hooks around the rim etc. Amundson has NONE of the above. 

5) he is HORRIBLE at the free throw line

6) his shooting form is ugly – strictly related to 5) of course

7) his hair annoys the hell out of me

Now seriously, since there are perhaps too many bigs in our roster (currently Dalembert, Hunter, Jason Smith, Shavlik Randolph, Herbert Hill, Louis Amundson) I think I showed who is the man out here.


5 Responses to “You know your team sucks when…”

  1. Brian said

    I’ll still take Amundson over Shav for his rebounding, shot-blocking and spaz energy. Every team needs a spaz.

  2. not sure what a “spaz” is, anyway I take Shav.

    Bigger, stronger, younger. And with a normal haircut 🙂

  3. clutch3 said

    In all seriousness, the Sixers are really going to suck. It’s pretty embarassing when your coming out of such a weak conference. They have some good young guys, but they need to make some serious moves, especially after getting NOTHING for A.I.
    Check me at

  4. I thought and still think the AI trade was a good one. Two good players, cap relief and 2 picks. Not bad

    The point is we won too many games at the end of the season. But this is the past, we have to move on.

    And yes, we will suck at least for another year. But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. We are a PF away for making some noise and we have a nice core of young players

  5. Jon said

    Ha,ha,ha…replace him with Marc Jackson!

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