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No news = good news?

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on August 26, 2007

gallinari1.jpgNot necessarily.

First of all let me welcome some new readers that came across the first italian Sixers blog while I was out and commented my posts: I wish they will come back here often.

So yes, during my three weeks off nothing really important happened, synthetically here are the main facts:

1) Stephen A. Smith will no longer write his column for the Philadelphia Inquirer. Smith, in case you don’t know, is (was ?) one of most controversial sports writers in the City of brotherly love, and a popular tv commentator, covering basketball also for ESPN. I guess this is more news for bloggers and Philly guys than for the average NBA fan.

I never really liked SAS, but I was not such a big critic of him either, he is a talented writer that simply got too arrogant with fame and success. By the way, before starting Sixers4guidos I wrote him a couple of emails to ask for his opinion on Sixers topics but never got a reply. Other Philly based journalists were polite enough to write me back few lines.

So we won’t read his articles anymore, while for sure will continue seeing him face and hearing his – pretty annoying -voice on ESPN (sorry Brian…).

At the end of the day this is really no news, I don’t care that much, honestly.

2) Celtics signed James Posey. Uhm…. I explained why I was not impressed by Ainge’s trades for Allen and Garnett and even exchange jokes with posters and fans that were praising him, but I must admit this is a very good addition. Well, not at the same level as Adonal Foyle to the Orlando Magic

Ok, seriously, signing James Posey is a damn good move so maybe I should give a cut to the Ainge bashing. First the Celtics were three All stars + garbage, now they are the Big three + a very good player.

Bad news, definitely. 

I really like James Posey, he’s versatile, tough, has playoffs (winning !!) experience and is a good team player that knows his role. He is known mainly as a good defender and  athlete but can also hit the three pointer and rebound.

Maybe I should re-think my 48-50 W prediction: Celtics with Posey (and Pollard, LOL) can reach 54. Damn, seems they are signing all the players I like !!! But I still hate them – as a team I mean 🙂

But the most interesting news is that

3) Eurobasket 2007 is about to start in Spain (3rd-16th September) ! Eight days to go. Here is the link to the official site if you want to get familiar with teams, rosters and schedule.

It’s a shame that a foot injury just occurred to Italy’s best prospect Danilo Gallinari (in the picture) will keep him out of the competition, I really wanted to take a look at him facing the best european teams. But Guidosland can still count on Bargnani, also slowed by an injury, and Belinelli.

The Eurobasket is gonna be fun: apparently spanish PF-C Jorge Garbajosa wants to play even if badly injured and against the willing of his team, the Toronto Raptors (!). Yes, you read it well, an NBA player that DOES want to play for his national team, and even if this means putting his career to a risk*.

So much respect for the spanish captain, who is showing love for the game, for his country and wants to be an example for his team mates.

Good news indeed !!

I will try to see as many Eurobasket games as possible and write here my comments, so you int’l basketball lovers stay tuned.

(* = center Kosta Perovic, signed over the summer by the Golden State Warriors, is doing the exact opposite, refusing to play for Serbia to “focus on his career”. Fuck you, Kosta)


3 Responses to “No news = good news?”

  1. Agree on SAS. At the end of the day, I don’t care too much one way or the other.

    Great point on James Posey. I’m a big fan of his, too. It’s funny to say, but I agree that the Posey signing makes me rethink the Celtics’ potential this year, too. Mainly because I could see him stepping into the starting lineup if something happens to one of the big three during the season (say a prolongued injury to Ray Allen), plus I can see Posey play big minutes in the playoffs in the 4th quarter, spelling Allen, which strengthens the Celtic’s defense.

  2. Exactly, my friend

    I see also Celtics putting Garnett at C and going small with Rondo, Allen, PP and Posey. We are talking about the Eastern Conference, after all…

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