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Kobe a Sixer? Boooooooooooooooooooooo….

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on October 12, 2007

joe-bryant.jpgJerry Buss is apparently considering offers for Kobe Bryant.

So what? This is a Sixers blog, and I am a proud Lakers hater. And this is the second consecutive post about Kobe.

Also, NONE of the rumours I’ve read after the news was released mentioned the Sixers  (surprised? LOL) – even if, according to some special Sixers4guidos sources, Billy King is working at an offer that would send the Wachovia center, the #6 retired jersey and the 1983 ring (!) to the Lakers for “the Mamba”*.

But seriously, the questions I would like to put are:

1) should the Sixers try to get Bryant? 

2) would he be a good fit in Philly?

My answers are NO and NO. And here is why

1) Sixers are (finally) building for the long term. They (apparently) have taken a direction: ther clearly ARE NOT contenders now, won’t be so for the next 2-3 years, but they are ok with this idea because they see it could pay back later. And I am ok with it too. 

Bryant is the player to get if you want to (pick one of the following):

a) win NOW

b) fill the arena

c) rebuild a franchise

Sixers surely need b) but Bryant is not the player to serve that purpose. Not in Philly, I mean. The son of italian basketball legend Joe “Jelly Bean” Bryant (in the picture) has basically always being booed every time he played at the Wachovia center. Hey, I booed him too this side of the ocean. It’s fun.

So for Sixers fans Bryant = Santa Klaus.

Also, if you want to get Kobe Bryant, you should have a coach capable to deal with him. Ehm…. well… cough…. Got it, right ??? Yes, in case you don’t know, my consideration for Mo Cheeks as a coach is pretty low.

2) he wouldn’t be a good fit in Philly. Consider that Garnett was traded for seven players: Bryant’s value is way higher than The big ticket’s, so would trade like our whole roster to get him. And this without keeping Pierces or Allens and try to make a run at a championship.

In the best case Bryant would play with Amundson, Booth & Ollie.

My thought is that Bryant will actually remain a Laker.

I don’t see many teams as serious candidates to get him. Who has the right pieces to work at a trade with Bryant? Or the appeal?

Dallas perhaps. They are always in the mix when there are trades. Maybe Chicago. New York, for obvious reasons. Clippers? Nah. San Antonio? Uhm…. Miami? 🙂

Bryant not moving from LAL is also my hope. So we will have the opportunity to boo him again. He will lead the Lakers to another 43-44 W season and the third consecutive first round exit – by the hands of the Phoenix Suns, possibly.

Then he will get frustrated and ask to get traded during the summer.

Then Jerry Buss will say he is ok with trading him….


(*= that nicknames sucks, by the way… just like almost everything about Bryant does – except his wife)

5 Responses to “Kobe a Sixer? Boooooooooooooooooooooo….”

  1. What about Shawn Marion? In theory that could work, right? Would you want Shawn Marion?

    And would Shawn Marion + AI2 = success or too much of the same thing?

  2. no, I wouldn’t want a 30 y/o Shawn Marion either, even if I really like him

    I have the feeling that Shawn Marion – Nash = Rodney Carney or something like that (I mean this as a compliment to Carney, that I would like to see improving every year like Marion did, I am not bashing The Matrix)

    he would be a spectacular combo with Iguodala, though, but he’s not the player we need, we are in rebuilding mode and don’t need overpaid veterans

    What about Iguodala in Phoenix, with Nash & Matrix ??? that woudl be nice (not for Sixers fans obviously)

  3. I don’t want anyone other than Lebron or Dwayne Wade coming to the 76ers this year. They need to let the kids play. Next summer we’ll have another good pick and all our cap space to use on the right player (ELTON BRAND)

  4. totally agree with you my friend. Let the kids PLAY and learn

  5. K.O. said

    Philly has no long term!
    I bet you wish you had Kobe Now!!!
    Your failing franchise will not see another NBA finals for at least 4 years!!!!
    Don’t hate ,elevate!!
    If someone of high caliber and extrodinary skills wants to come to your misreable exuse for a team why challenge it??????
    Beggars and Losers cant’t be choosey!!!

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