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Your usual, idiotic, wrong predictions

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on October 28, 2007

nostradamus2.jpg(INTRO: “Philadelphia is one of the most popular picks to finish with the NBA’s worst record“, music & words by Chris Sheridan !!!)

The season approaches, the fantasy season approaches, Sixers4guidos’ 1st anniversary approaches – following The Sportshernia. What does that mean? That it’s time to place our forecasts for the next year.

So, a Sixers blog is supposed to start from its team, right? Well, Sixers will end the 2007-2008 season with a 31-51 record in my humble opinion. Worse than the already bad 35-47* of last year? Yes. Does this mean that the Sixers got worse from last year? Not necessarily. 

The fact is that most of our division and conference rivals got significantly better, while we didn’t add any key player to make us competitive at a high level IN THE SHORT TERM. That’s basically the reason why I would be fine with a 31-51 record, but if, and only if:

* we will go on building for the long term, like we are APPARENTLY doing now. This means:

* play the young guys as much as we can, especially our rookies 

* don’t trade any of the guys that are part of the “new” core (Iguodala, Miller, Korver etc)

* don’t trade for any average veteran that will f’k up our cap room and, possibly, our locker room

* don’t get any further long term contract and let Webber’s, Mc Kie’s and Ollie’s contracts expire next summer

* trade Willie Green (LOL)

If all of the above will happen, I will really enjoy the upcoming season reguardless of our record, thinking that a new era for the Sixers will hopefully start in the summer of 2008 with some real cap space (finally !), another high pick and a solid nucleus of good, young, talented players. And a new coach perhaps…

I will sit down and relax, and focus on other things, like rooting against the Celtics or hoping Kobe Bryant will explode with more rants against Lakers’ inept management.

Seriously, I am expecting a big year from Andre Iguodala (good enough to take him to the All star team), a breakout season from Louis Williams and huge improvements from Rodney Carney and Sam Dalembert.

I am sure that Andre Miller will be Andre Miller, and Willie Green will, unfortunately, remain Willie Green… same for Kevin freaking Ollie and the other bums, Booth, Randolph & co. I like Reggie Evans and think he will add a lot to Sixers (poor) table.

As for our rookies, I am confident Jason Smith will surprise many of us with a very good year, and I hope (hope !) Herbert Hill will show he’s a NBA player. As far as I saw, he seemed to be one.

What about Thaddeus Young? Honestly I don’t know. He played little in Summer league and pre season. You tell me the reason, I don’t have any explainantion for that. You let your first round pick sit to much instead of giving him some playing time? I don’t like this, even if many would say “Rookies have to earn their minutes”, which is a theory I don’t agree with (especially when you clearly have few real chances to reach playoffs or any further goal), but that could be correct.

I am going to put also my predictions about the NBA season, giving more details about that in another post:

EAST: 1) Chicago, 2) New Jersey, 3) Miami 4) Boston 5) Cleveland 6) Toronto 7) Detroit 8) New York

(yes, I think Washington AND Orlando WILL NOT make the playoffs. I thought Miami was bad but adding Ricky Davis and Mark Blount is enough to put them at the top of the division again)

WEST: 1) Dallas 2) Phoenix 3) Utah 4) San Antonio 5) Denver 6) LA Lakers 7) Golden State 8) New Orleans (Houston)

Comments & insults welcome, as usual 🙂

(*= when I predicted 43 wins… so much for my basketball knowledge…)

10 Responses to “Your usual, idiotic, wrong predictions”

  1. Eric said

    I FOUND A SIXERS OPTIMIST! The last of a dying breed. I agree pretty much everything. the sixers probably improved but it won’t show with the improved conference. I think we will be better than the experts think because of these things:

    1. Rodney Carney and Lou Will’s improvements. Hopefully Rodney starts opening night.

    2. Andre Iguodala’s full season as the #1 option. I expect him to be an all-star too.

    3. Chemistry. We went 30-29 with Andre Miller and AI and people are expecting a major dropoff. Why? shouldn’t we do nothing but improve(even if it may not show on the record)since we made basically no changes?

    Just to give my predictions: I think the Raptors and New York are out and and Orlando and Washington are in. The Raptors snuck up on people last year and Washington has too many stars. Orlando’s acquisitions were canceled out with the departures of Grant Hill and Darko and the knicks are the knicks.

  2. tkd7334 said

    I am not so sure about A. Miller. My opinion before this years draft was that he should be traded in order to obtain a PG better suited for the Sixers style of play. In honesty, i’ve never been a fan of Miller, and If it was up to me, Louis Williams would already be running this team. If they are going young, and developing players for the future, then do it all the way.

  3. Alex said

    Philly won’t finish with the worst overall record.

    And I like Louis Williams…

  4. Ohio said

    I share your sentiment about Willie Green, Ricky… if only we could have traded him in the offseason. Frankly, it just plain sucks that management couldn’t find a way to make it happen. However, since he’s still here, I have to be objective about things and suggest that he should be the starter ahead of Rodney Carney. To me, and perhaps only to me, Carney isn’t an improvement over Willie and he has less NBA experience to boot. Fact is, neither guy has anything close to a consistent jump shot. However, Green has a propensity to get hot now and then, while Carney’s almost completely erratic. Throw in the fact that Green’s a (slightly) better defender than Carney and it’s hard to think he should be riding the bench while Rodney’s out there getting lost on every other play. All in all, of course, it’s just my humble opinion.

  5. Eric, whenever you feel a need for some optimism log on to Sixers4guidos ! This is your “glass 1/3 full” type of site (I would have said “half full” if only Sixers had a shot to reach .500, LOL).
    I also hope Carney will start. I like this guy (don’t know why, though…)
    As for the predictions, wait for my next post, but maybe you are right, I underestimated Orlando and Wash, while I’m pretty sure Tor will have another vewry good year, carried by our boy guido Bargnani

    Tkd7334, you have a point. I say: if we want to trade Miller, let’s wait for the trade deadline, then there will be 2-3 playoffs teams asking for him to make a serious upgrade at the PG position and his value will rise big time. Cleveland, Lakers, Orlando, even Boston, just the first names of frachise in need of a good playmaker that come to my mind. We will get way more in return than what we could do now

    Alex: you mean that your Bucks will steal us the 15th position? LOL just kidding with you my friend

    Ohio: I think you are correct, Green is a better overall player than Carney right now and you know I am NOT a WG fan…. the point is I think Carney has more room for improvement, while I think we have already seen the best (?) of WG, he’s a decent combo guard like many in the NBA that can occasionally explode but that most of the times it will hurt you with his low FG % and dumb decisions… Jamaal Crawford anyone?
    While I see in Carney a potential Raja Bell, a Bruce Bowen, a Matt Barnes… see a link? all SG/SF, all good defenders, all former Sixers that blossomed in other (very good) teams

  6. YES! Get rid of Willie Green. Why the hell is he getting as many minutes as he is? Give Rod Carney and Korver more time and put Green on the bench.

    Smith looked good again in 14 minutes, was 1/2 from the floor for 2 points, 6 rebounds, and 2 blocks. He should turn into a player (I’m hoping).

    How about that win over the Bulls, I didn’t see that one coming.

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  9. mark said

    chicago 1, NJ 2, miami 3. lol. sixers 31-51? lol.

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