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A new star is born

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on November 10, 2007

fullj_getty-76075379jg008_rapts_sixers.jpgI think this time the game is marginal. I enjoyed it like it was a win.

Yes, because the 103-105 home loss to the Toronto Raptors (record: 2-3, 40%) could be a POSITIVE turning point for the future of this storied franchise. It could mark the day of the birth of a future NBA star, Louis “at will” Williams (in the picture, listening to the best PG in Sixers history during last night’s game).

Stats tell us something but I am trying to go beyond the 21 points in 20 minutes (19 in the 4th quarter !!), the 3/3 from 3pt, the 4 points play in a close, tough game and a dramatic finish… what is important here is to realize we have a FANTASTIC, young player, athletic, with an unbelievable talent and some rare ability to keep his composure and make the right choice when it counts.

No, no selfishness, no 1-vs-5 when he was feeling hot, no forced shots, no willing to show he’s “the man”, no urgency to prove something: he scored all those 19 points always  taking the right shots, dishing the ball when it was the best option. Impressive for a 21 y/o guy in a League where the egoes usually dominate.

And this coming directly from the high school, where he was a sort of a God (I guess) and after riding the pine for three years, a very long period if you basically are a teenager, already making thousands dollars to play your favourite sport. Shows he learned to be patient (the most difficult thing at that age. with all the hype, the money etc) and kept the right mentality, without bitching or screaming.

He’s also clutch, which doesn’t hurt. It’s true that “two free throws by Bosh gave Toronto a 103-100 lead before Williams had the opportunity for a three-point play with 15.2 seconds left, but he missed the free throw” but what he had done before that was simply amazing.

Sixers lost the game, right. Why? Well, I won’t repeat how the (enjoyable) game ended – after all guys at get paid to fill the “Full play-by-play” page – I think that the key factors were:

* we could NEVER get a defensive stop when we needed it, especially in the fourth, in many consecutive possessions, when we were trailing by 3, 2 or even one point…Toronto scored 34 points in the final quarter and scored like three times just before the shot clock expired

* we gave up too many offensive rebounds in clutch moments, leaving many second chance points to the Raptors

* our perimeter defense was bad (gave up 9/18 three pointers), with many missed assignments that led to wide open shots by Toronto dangerous shooters

* free throws pct was low again: Iguodala even scored where he was trying to miss intentionally, and this after an (unintentional) previous miss, down 3 with 1.8 left… we lost by two and misfired seven times (69%) from the line

* Dalembert’s two quick fouls took him out of the game immediately and he could never really get back into it 

* Korver had a sub par game

But since I am always your “half full” type of Sixers fan, here is also what I liked:

* we never gave up, again (down 10 in the third at 69-79, immediately came to tie it at 87)

* Iguodala had a heck of an all around game (26-8-7) and cut the turnovers to 2, all in 44 minutes of intense play

* the other rookie, Jason Smith, had another very solid game and showed once more he has range for his outside shot facing the basket

* fellow guido Andrea Bargnani, who killed us in the season opener, was held to a quiet 9 points thanks to some good defense, and could never take advantage of the mismatches that his team mates created for him in the low post. But right now the series is Sixers 0-Guidos 2 (LOL)

So I must say I am very satisfied with what I saw today. The bitter end doesn’t change the sweet taste that I sensed for 47.58 minutes.

Stay positive Sixers fans, then, we have some reasons to be happy for.

Since yesterday, a new, bigger, exciting one.

5 Responses to “A new star is born”

  1. raffaele said


    just watched the game (thanks to your tips: thank you, man!) and got your same feeling. lou excited me. was really impressed by his composure during those 12 minutes in which he basically did what he wanted on the floor: scoring, dishing assists, running the game.

    he was in the zone but never looked like it: he never forced a shot and always let the game come on to him exploiting each and very opportunity he had. it all seemed so natural. no hurry, no fury: he behaved just as if it was normal for him being in that spot and doing those things, like a 5 year veteran. good sign, man.

    as for the rest, i’d like to see toronto shooting percentage in the 4th: we never, never stopped them. we were kept in the game by lou’s performance and some terrific offnsive play by iguodala but our defense never gave us help.

    that said, as a fellow guido, i must share you otpimism. which I don’t know if philadephia people would approve: the wachovia center looked almost empty on tv (but it could have been just my wrong impression…).


  2. Nice game recap.

    I didn’t get to watch it, but I’m really happy to hear about Louis Williams’ big night. Iguodala’s too, since they are my two favorite Sixers.

  3. sixers29 said

    yeah, Louis is a new star, he is really a great player. He should be in the starting lineup with Miller, Iguodala, Evans or JA Smith and Dalembert. I didn’t see the game but I also know that Calderon played a good game. Calderon is a true pg, very clever and is a good shotter.


  4. Raffaele u r right, the Wachovia center was half empty. Vs Charlotte the attendace officially was 9.300 but it was more like 6.000 fans, vs Tor it was slightly better. But this teams deserves more

    Alex, thanks and congralutations for your new blog (Brewhoop, in S4G blogroll), it’s very nice, I will get there often.

    Sixer29, a lot of Sixers fans would like to have Calderon (excellent player) on our team next year, but if LW continues to progress like this I’m pretty sure he can be our next starter at PG. I have the feeling that if Calderon moves from Tor is to be a starter somewhere else and not be the back up pg again

  5. […] you think our perimeter defense sucked vs Toronto (remember? Raptors shot 9/18 from downtown) then find an adjective to describe the 10/20 from three point […]

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