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Just an awful game

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on November 12, 2007

capt_fcbe7568a37b4c48b0d79934e4af6f34_hornets_76ers_basketball_patm102.jpgAnd a horrible way to finish the weekend.

Sixers were blown out by the Hornets 72-93 (record: 2-4, 33%) in a game that basically lasted 24 minutes, that’s what it took New Orleans to build a 14 point lead that we could never recover (37-51 at halftime).

A 6-20 break by Byron Scott’s guys put us in a hole that was too deep for this night’s lazy, confused, effortless Sixers team. It’s actually the first time this season that we couldn’t stay in the game.

The sign that it was over came already in the third quarter, when Cheeks decided it was time for Amundson and Ollie to make their debut (!).

Louis Amundson came in with Sixers down 13, his first play was a foul on West that didn’t prevent the Hornet to score. That 3 point play helped New Orleans go on another run and the worse of our two Louises quickly went back seating (3.59 played), leaving Sixers down 23. This means the partial in those four minutes was 0-10. So much for the Amundson fans.

Kevin Ollie did his best Amundson impersonation few moments after that, when he also fouled an opponent before he scored. It was his first play of the game, and his only “1” in a stat line full of zeroes.

Other considerations: if you think our perimeter defense sucked vs Toronto (remember? Raptors shot 9/18 from downtown) then find an adjective to describe the 10/20 from three point land that we allowed tonight. Partials for the Hornets were 5/9 in the first half and 8/12 at one time in the third…

The free throws thing is becoming embarassing. Sixers shot 10-15 as a team vs Hornets. Miller, a career 80% FT shooter, went 0-2 tonight and is 9-17 in six games. WHY ???? If there is one thing that really irks me is guys missing free throws.  Thaddeus Young missed a pair from the line in garbage time too.

Highlights of the game: Reggie Evans almost destroying the glass with a 18 footer in the second quarter; Andre Miller passing AGAINST (and not to) Evans on a fastbreak in the fourth (= comical turnover); Rodney Carney playing a meaningless 5 minutes and looking completely lost; Kyle Korver shooting 1/8 from three point, often with open looks (Sixers 2-15…); Lou Williams, recently hyped by italian Sixers blogs (LOL), had a bad game but somehow managed to dish 5 assists. 

The only sweet note was Dalembert (in the picture, with Chandler), who finally had a good game, with his second double double of the season. We need you like this, Sammy.

Hornets showed they are a very good team, with many solutions on the offensive end and a nasty defense. Paul played great, West too, their bench combined for a solid 37 points.

That’s how Sixers ended a four game homestand with a 1-3 record.

It’s 3 AM here and it’s time to get ready for another week at work…


3 Responses to “Just an awful game”

  1. Sean said

    Yeah, it was a bad game, but every team has a clunker or two(or more) during the year. Especially for a team that has to outwork every opponent. The moves to Ollie and Amundson showed how desperate Mo was for energy, especially feisty defensive energy. This was a game they missed Hill, because they struggled with Chandler and West inside.

    But hey, they were about due for a game like this. Young teams are notoriously inconsistent.

  2. yeah Sean, I am not making it a big deal either, and just for the reasons you stated. it’s one game

    Chandler (my fantasy C…) and West form a very strong frontcourt duo, that’s why I am also happy that Sam finally had a good game, it was a little test for him and he did pretty good

  3. […] the blow out at the Wachovia center of some days ago, Hornets kicked our asses for the second time, this time at home, for a 95-76 […]

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