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A loss in black

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on November 14, 2007

fullj_getty-76075845gj006_sixers_mavs.jpgWatching a game already knowing how it ended gives you the opportunity to focus on many other little things.

That’s what happened to me with Sixers’ 99-84 loss to the Dallas Mavericks that sets our record at 2-5 (.286). This morning I couldn’t resist and I logged on to to see the score. So tonight I “enjoyed” the show.

Actually our first half was very, very good: so good that at the end we were leading by seven points at 43-50. Sam Dalembert had a heck of a game, with a couple of three points plays, an alley hoop dunk (fed by Iguodala) and a couple of 18 footers in his best game of the season. Jason Smith was strong again: two blocks at the upper level and a basket with a mid range shot of his. Hey, I could even have a good laugh seeing the monster called Popeye Jones behind Dallas’ bench.

Then the second half, and the night, came. A 16-2 Mavericks run immediately turned the seven point deficit into a seven point lead (59-52). Desagana Diop closed all the ways to Dallas’ basket, Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Terry started going to work and Sixers could never went back into the game.

Mavericks lead was stretched to 14 points at the beginning of the fourth (84-70 with 9 minutes to go), and Sixers were done at that point, falling to a maximum of – 21 points (97-76) before trimmering it in garbage time.

Now I have some comments, after all that’s what a Sixers blog must do:

1) according to the boxscore our boy Andre Iguodala had a so-and-so game, with another poor shooting night and 7 turnovers, which is a lot indeed. But watching him playing, I had the impression he was very good. What he did under the boards (12 rebounds) and while dishing the ball to his team mates (8 dimes) was exciting. On defense he guarded even the seven footer Dirk. So I must say I liked what he did  tonight on both ends of the floor. 

2) Reggie Evans is really a rebounding MONSTER, especially considering his size. If he only had ONE offensive move…well, he probably wouldn’t play for the Sixers, LOL.

3) is Andre Miller showcasing himself in order to get traded? I’ve read this on the Sixers board BEFORE catching the game so I paid attention while watching. I came to the conclusion that this might be actually true, he is REALLY shooting too much (in the picture, for example…), often forcing them, and this is becoming suspect (please notice I usually don’t give a damn about these rumors). Let’s follow him carefully in the next games…. uhm… I think I will ask Tom Moore this !

4) you perhaps know I am a self proclaimed Korver groupie, but honestly he’s playing like crap. He’s taking the right shots, they simply don’t go in… what is a shooter supposed to do in these cases? Yeah, go on shooting…

5) Willie Green is so unused to pass the ball, that when he does it, he turns it over. It was on a 3-vs-1 fastbreak in the fourth. I laughed again. But he was decent last night, let’s be honest here.

and finally the most important question: WHY IN THE HELL WE ARE WEARING AGAIN THE F’N BLACK UNIFORMS on the road? I thought that we chosed to go back to red last year, and that was definitive !!!!!

This annoys me more than any possible loss…yes, I am a Sixers red uniforms feticist…so what ?

6 Responses to “A loss in black”

  1. sixers29 said

    Hi Ricky,
    I also prefer the red uniforms!!!
    Kyle Korver is still too inconsistent. I remember that the first week of November he played good but at this moment is playing really bad..
    In other way, Dalembert is playing well, I hope he continues at this level.

  2. welcome to the SIXERS RED UNIFORMS bandwagon, hermano, I am the leader since… ever !!!

    I think I’ll make a specific post about NBA uniforms soon, it’s a topic I’ve always liked

    (btw I tried to post a comment on your blog yestarday but it didn’t work, you should check it)

  3. raffaele said

    As for Andre Miller, I don’t know if he is showcasing himself, as you say
    these are only rumors. What’s more sure, though, is that he seems to have a
    tendency to start training camp out of shape and start the season off slowly.

    “Miller comes into camp out of shape and starts off slowly, and that might
    help get them in an early-season hole that they’ll never come out of. But
    they’ll compete to the end like last season, when they were a factor in
    knocking teams out that were trying to get into the playoffs …”“>Sports Illustrated

    “Miller was a Nuggets tri-captain the previous two seasons. But the point
    guard, who reported overweight to training camp, doesn’t anticipate again
    being a captain”.,2777,DRMN_23922_5106661,00.html

    so, instead of ego it might be just a question of fat …


  4. ahahahah, love it !

    Interesting theory, is that true guys? Maybe all Miller has to do is limiting the burgers !!!

  5. Ricky thanks for writing to Jon and I and to answer your question about Andre Miller, the problem is that he’s on the 76ers. To be honest with you. He is a great point guard, but the team is not on his level. If he were on a better team he would really shine. Trust me on that.

    And I don’t think he is throwing in the towel. He’s not that type of person. He’s a laid back California guy. The struggle is with the players on the team.

  6. Anthony welcome to Sixers4guidos ! and thanks for posting your first comment

    just for your information I am a big fan of Andre MIller so I hope you are 100% correct, as it seems to be

    let’s follow him closely in the nextgames, starting from tonight

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