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More than a W

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on November 28, 2007

capt_309eb743e04642dca4d1363993a51759_76ers_bucks_basketball_wimg101.jpgYeah, we still are a mediocre team, we still are at the bottom of the Atlantic with our 4-9 record (.308), we will still lose tons of games this year and get angry over it, but we  managed to escape from the Bradley Center with an enjoyable 99-114 win over the Bucks, whose home record was a perfect 6-0 before last night.

I think that this could be more than a simple win for many reasons:

1) we led basically for the whole night, facing a tough team in a tough arena = showed some confidence

2) many key players that so far sucked or at least played below their usual level, went back to their good old standards. I’m specifically talking about Andre Miller (in the picture), phenonemal last night, nearly posting a triple double, Kyle Korver, back after 4 games with (finally) a strong performance

3) our only center Sam Dalembert was dominant on both ends of the floor, nearing his career high of 24 and knocking down 8 out of 10 free throws. The only Bucks run (19-4) happened in the second quarter, not coincidentially when Sam was sitting on the bench. 

Dalembert had 3 blocks in the first, helping the Sixers completing the best quarter of the season: 15/22 from the field (68%), 9 assists, 0 turnovers (!), that it translated into a 14 point lead (18-32). I could’t believe it, really.

4) our young guys off the bench were very good again. Lou Williams and mainly Jason Smith played a huge part in this victory.  

At the beginning of the fourth, Mo decided to go with a line up of Lou Williams, Andre Iguodala, Kyle Korver, Jason Smith and Sam Dalembert, and the rookie from Colorado State responded with a three (!) and two huge blocks to put the Sixers up 76-90. The game was basically over, and Dre & Sam could put on a show with spectacular assists, behind the back passes, dunks.

5) we finally fixed our free throws shooting, with a nice 76% (16-21). Hopefully we will go on like this, leaving the shaquillesque percentages behind.

It was nice also to see the guys fighting for loose balls even with the game already in our hands and playing strong defense until the end. Even nicer to see Willie Green benched for the whole 4th quarter, and Carney getting in only for the last 2 minutes (LOL).

Now seriously, Green had a strong game, give him credit. He even had an impressive offensive rebound, that made him convert a three point play, something I’ve never seen in my life. So yes, it was probably”one of those nights”… for the Bucks !

We also had the opportunity to realize remind how much of a factor a shooter (= Korver) can be, in terms of offensive efficiency. Damn, we were missing the guy… we missed THIS Korver since the start of the season, if he will go back to his usual standards, then we might have many of enjoyable nights like this one. He won’t go 80% from downtown often, but for sure he will always keep his man busy, help our point guards spread the floor, create room for Iguodala’s drives etc…

One last thing: Sixers had 31 assists out of 45 baskets. Talking about a balanced, team oriented offense that meant a lot of open looks, dunks, lay ups, easy baskets. That was a pleasure to watch. Of course Bucks’ defense helped us. But of course you still have to knock down the shots.

BUCKS NOTES: Milwaukee fans (for example our friends from Brewhoop, check them to read their pont of view) will probably be really disappointed after losing to a scrappy team like the Sixers. I can understand and even second that, but I wouldn’t be mad for the loss, honestly. They simply had a bad night, probably underrating an opponent that they were supposed to blow out on paper.

Villanueva was the best Buck yesterday, Redd had only a glimpse in the third, with a pair of three point plays, and then was silenced. Yi seems to be a good, polished, skilled player, that has yet to learn some “street toughness” in order to be more effective in this League. His shooting form is nice. I would suggest to bring a Charles Oakley, an Anthony Mason to teach him a couple of things…

Bucks had a lot of unforced turnovers (four immediately, in the first quarter), proof of bad focusing, and Bogut was dominated by Dalembert under the boards. They kinda did the imitation of the Sixers, with no low post scoring and bad 3 p shooting (4-21).

One of those nights, exactly.


3 Responses to “More than a W”

  1. Alex said

    Great game by the Sixers. Like you said, the key players stepped up, and the Sixers are no pushovers when the likes of Miller, Igoudala, and Dalembert are in form. When they are on they stack up pretty nicely against Williams, Redd, and Bogut.

    In fact, I wouldn’t say the Bucks blow away the Sixers on paper. They definitely shouldn’t get beaten so soundly at home though.

    Just updated our Wednesday Notes with a link to this very good recap.

  2. Alex said

    Whoops, forgot to update to our new blog in my last post…

  3. thanks for everything Alex, I also gave the link to your (very nice) blog – BREWHOOP, ok? click on Alex’s name in the SECOND comment – in a couple of forums, you guys do a great job and deserve great success

    well, that’s the cool side of the NBA I guess, in a couple of hours Sixers have to confirm they are a team vs Jazz, while your Bucks have a chance to bounce back facing another scrappy team, the Hawks !

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