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Ugliest win ever?

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on December 1, 2007

218c43112ae7ee1509ba2c2a50e7346c-getty-76075382jg013_wizs_sixers.jpgI didn’t know a win could be THAT painful to watch…

Honestly, as soon as Nick Young (very good, by the way) misfired on the three pointer that could have been the game winner for the Wizards, just before the buzzer, I felt like I had nothing to be happy for. Just the 85-84 win, perhaps (5-10, .333).

That came after a game where Sixers fans saw basically all:

1) Andre Iguodala starting with 3/3 and then missing his final SIXTEEN shots (!!!), including airballs, missed layups, one in the final possession, and some putbacks just under the basket – to be fair he was very good in every other aspect, though (rebounds, assists, steals, blocks) and somehow helped us win.

2) our supposed-to-be best sniper Kyle Korver shooting 2/10 (with this dubious line Korver “tied” Iguodala’s Wizards game, being 3/19 himself over the last two…) and combining for an atrocious 0/19 with Andre at a certain point…

3) Sixers missing all 14 attempts from downtown (franchise record tied..)

4) Sixers shooting 2/15 from the field in the fourth (…)

5) Sixers connecting 13/15 from the free throw line (!) in the same fourth quarter

6) Sam Dalembert and Reggie Evans (season high 13 points) carrying us OFFENSIVELY (!!!!) for a long stretch in the third

7) Sixers playing solid team defense again, for the whole game

8 ) Sixers establishing a season low 8 turnovers (of which 5 in the second quarter)

To cut it short, it was the kind of night that in a 82 games season can happen, but that you won’t see often (hopefully !).

Sixers started very well and had a 21-10 lead in the first, ended 25-20 with seven players already scoring. Wizards sliced the early deficit because we gave up too many layups again, something that made Cheeks visibly disappointed.

Interesting how our first turnover came only with 9.50 to go in the second, a weird quarter where Willie Green played very good defense (three charges drawn !), Reggie Evans went 3/4 from the line (!) and Brendan Haywood had FOUR blocks (!).

By halftime Sixers were 18/46 FG (39%), 0/7 from three point land, and Green with 9 was our top scorer. Jamison had 12 for Washington but on 4/10, Stevenson and Daniels 8 each.

Wizards built a small 5 point lead at the beginning of the third thanks to Haywood’s (only) two baskets, but here it was Andre Miller keeping us in the game doing basically all: he had 18 points + 7 assists at the end of the quarter, and also shot the ball extremely well (wow !).

Our point guard, clearly improved in his last performances, was either finding Sam and Evans down low for easy baskets or scoring himself, posting up his opponent and knocking down his usual mid range jumpers. Very good game indeed.

For Washington, Nick Young had seven consecutive points showing his nice stroke and a real confidence.

The fourth was a really ugly show: the funniest part was when Korver finally hit a jumper to tie the game at 76, and the crowd went wild (LOL). Sixers relied on Dalembert and Williams’ ability from the stripe to take a 84-78 lead with 1.06 to go, and it took Caron Butler’s tough three pointers to make it a one point game (85-84, 31 seconds left).

Sixers went to Iguodala for the last shot (…) but Dre couldn’t convert a contested left handed layup on a drive: Wizards got the rebound and were able to set up Young for the potential game winner open three: not a bad choice considering he was 6/8 until then. 

“I thought it was a great shot. It felt great leaving my hands. It just didn’t go in” said the rookie after the game, and we can all agree with him.

That’s why my MVP of the game goes to Miller and Dalembert (tied), and not to him. Not to say “I told you so”, but… I told you so: we need our big man to be fully effective. When he is, that’s what happens.

Tonight we play the Nets. I hope we’ll see OUR Young (+ Smith and possibly Carney). 


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