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NY a good medicine for ailing Sixers

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on December 8, 2007

shooting-vs-kniks.jpg“Philadelphia SeventySixers: not the New York Knicks”.

Few weeks ago a poster of the Sixers forum on suggested to use this as new slogan for our future marketing campaigns. I found that funny, kind of cold negadelphian sarcasm, that perhaps includes some envy for the Big Apple and all that the city means.  And “at least we are not the Knicks” is a sentence you hear often among disappointed Sixers fans. Not from me.

Clearly we have something in common with Knicks and their fans: we all starve for a title and we all saw glorious, storied franchises fall to the bottom of the NBA and become a sort of laughing stock due to poor management. For every Billy King there has been a Scott Layden/Isiah Thomas, for every Randy Ayers a Herb Williams, for every Chris Webber an Allan Houston, for every Kevin Ollie a Jerome James.

Idiot general managers, mediocre coaches, fading all stars, pure bums. Sixers and Knicks recent history is an amazing mix of all of the above, with a link that an evil genius put there: Larry Brown.

That’s why I don’t have anything again the Knicks, I can’t see any rivalry. In fact, I feel for them and their fans. They are on our same boat, like we say here. I went to MSG to watch the only NBA game of my life (by the way: it was a bad loss to the Golden State Warriors, LOL !!! Dampier, Weatherspoon, Mugsy Bogues…), I love their colours, their uniforms… to cut it short, I like the Knicks, I sincerely wish them all the best, and I hope that we can meet in a Eastern Conference Finals soon.

Maybe that’s why yesterday’s 101-90 win didn’t give me any particular excitement. Or maybe that’s because I am aware of the fact that our record is 6-13 (.316) and that NY is still ahead of us in the division, at 6-12. Maybe it was there was preseason-like intensity.

There is not much to say about the game, it was a close one for basically 44 minutes. that Sixers deserved to win at the end. I would like to point out some interesting or unusual facts, that show how it wasn’t exactly your typical NBA matchup:

1) Reggie Evans had two spin moves in the low post (!!) and scored 9 of the Sixers’ first 17 points (don’t worry: he eventually went back to his usual self, missing three putbacks just under the basket…)

2) Korver actually scored a three (wow !!!) To be precise, he finished with 3/3 from downtown, and 0/4 from two points…

3) Dalembert ABUSED Knicks big men for the whole game: 12 (6/9) + 7 reb + 3 blocks at the half, 20 at the end with a self explaining 9/12.

4) Mo Cheeks realized NBA rules allow teams to use more than eight players in one game, and gave Thaddeus Young good minutes, leaving him in also in the fourth. The rookie showed he can play. Wow ! Who could have said that? We all thought that Willie Green and this year’s Korver were unreplaceable (moved to tears, Ricky inserts Young’s picture at the top of the article)

5) Lou Williams was impressive again, even if he was on Crawford when Jamaal scored his team’s first 16 points in the fourth (the rest of the team was 0/9 before David Lee made a layup…). Sweet Lou was the player who sparked us in the decisive run, and assisted Sam for the dunk that gave us a 94-80 lead with 3 minutes to play and closed the game

6) the two Andres sit in the fourth when Williams, Young, Korver, Dalembert etc won the game for us. Miller was excellent in the first half (6 points + 6 rebounds + 8 assists), Iguodala was quiet all night. It’s ok as long as we win games. The big news is that Miller knocked down a three (!!), his first in the season and second as a Sixer (I swear…76 games played for Philly)

7) Willie Green was pretty effective with 14 points in only 20 minutes. He took 14 shots though…

8 ) The two teams combined for a total  of 6/14 from the line in the first half: talking about soft defenses and poor shooters on both sides

KNICKS NOTES: Zach Randolph was absolutely horrible and I don’t know why he played so long and why Isiah put him back in the fourth. David Lee played a solid game (I want to see what my friend Stop Mike Lupica has to say about this) and Fred Jones made a good contribution too.

I am not a big fan of Jamaal Crawford but he singleghandedly kept the Knicks in the game in the fourth, while his team mates were missing layups or bricking jumpers. Still, guards I would like on my team are something different….

Tonight we head to MSG for the second night of the back-to-back vs New York, and I am excited just as much as I would be in taking a maths class.


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  1. […] scoring repeatedly over him, and could NEVER defend on a pick and roll… at times, it seemed the Knicks game all over again, when Jamaal Crwaford scored 16 consecutive points on him… it looks like Lou […]

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