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Sixers on a roll

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on December 9, 2007


In the second night of a home-and-home series against New York, the Sixers buried the Knicks 77-105 at Madison Square Garden. It’s the first time Sixers win consecutive games this season.

Our record is 7-13 (.350) and we left NY at the bottom of the division. The positive impact of King’s firing on the team is confirmed by our record with Stefanski as new GM: .666 (2-1, LOL).

It was another pretty weird game, like the other night, where many unusual/funny things happened: Evans outrebounding the entire Knicks team in the first quarter (10-6 !!! Sixers dominated the boards, 47-27), Carney airballing a free throw, Lee leveling Lou Williams on a drive (a flagrant 1 was called and Lou had to leave the game later… pretty surprising considering Lee isn’t known for being a dirty player, but the cheap shot showed how confused and frustrated Knicks players are),  no Knicks starter reaching double figure, MSG crowd booing its players and starting chants of “Fire Isiah”.

Philly won all of the four quarters and was always up in the first: Green had 8 when the score was 8-20, with Sixers scoring on multiple fastbreaks off Knicks’ turnovers (we were playing a nice, full court trap defense) and Evans controlling the boards. A 9-0 Knicks run put NY back into the game, but Lou Williams ended the quarter with a jumper: 19-24.

In the second Mo went with an interesting line up of Williams-Carney-Korver-Young-Smith, that immediately didn’t pay off: Knicks had their first and only lead at 27-26, thanks to the huge impact made by David Lee (by the way: Ed, is it possible to get him ???).

Iguodala was sent back in and Sixers’ play benefited from the move: he and the other Andre lead us, taking advantage of Knicks’ turnovers and missed shots. Iguodala had also two blocks in the quarter. With the score at 36-47 you could hear the first boos, and Crawford’s three at the buzzer – Sixers lead the NBA in field goals allowed at the horn, I think… – was disallowed by the refs after reviewing the play on the monitors. Jamaal was out of bounds, it remained 37-49 Sixers, then.

At the break Willie Green was our top scorer with 12 (5/7), Evans the top rebounder with 12, but Iguodala was the most effective Sixer with 11 on 4/5 to go with 4 rebounds and 4 assists. Still, the nicest stat to me were Sixers’ 13 assists (26 at the end, vs NY’s 12…).

The Green-Dalembert combo (two fastbreak baskets + two blocks) extended the lead to 40-59 in the third: New York was 1/8 from the field at that point. After a free throw by Evans put the Sixers up 20 (42-62) Isiah played the Nate Robinson card and the explosive guard had a nice streak, scoring on a three and a three point play. Lee got the Knicks even closer (50-63) and then tried to kill Lou Williams, on the aforementioned play. Sixers enjoyed their revenge with two threes by Iguodala and Korver that closed the period at 57-75. Good night.

Our shooter was on a roll (for real this time) and connected for another couple of threes at the beginning of the fourth. That made the garbage time start so that we could see Jason Smith throwing it down in a spectacular play off a feed by Miller (that was included in the “Daily Top 10”, go check if you missed it), Thaddeus Young having dunks, hook shots and jumpers to tie his career high (14), and even Rodney Carney putting it in the hole, something that we thought it won’t happen anymore 🙂

The bad news on a night when Sixers were all smiles (in the picture) is that we won’t play New York until January 25th. Jokes aside, it was a nice weekend for Sixers fans but I can’t NOT consider who we were facing, and in which conditions.

Wins build confidence, though. And the stretched ten men rotation built the last two wins. Mo?


4 Responses to “Sixers on a roll”

  1. raffaele said

    Hi Ricky,

    two minor points to complete your, as usual, excellent report.

    1) For the second night in a row Cheeks used more than eight players. “I think that was the difference, using a lot of guys like we did the night before, giving them more rest, and certain guys were fresher for tonight’s game”, he said.

    Well, I am unsure whether to be happy for our coach to finally realize this hard to grasp truth (that is: if your rotation expands your key players get more rest) or to be depressed because it took him 20 games to get to this extraordinary conclusion.

    2) I just read this piece [] where Carney says: “I don’t know what’s going on at all. I was doing good, told [in training camp] I was competing for a starting job. From there, I’ve gone to not playing at all”. He eventually complains: “No one’s really talked to me, to me why I [haven’t been] playing, or anything”.

    Well, thinking that this comment comes from a player who – as you inform us – had just airballed a free throw, made me laugh a lot causing me some doubts about Carney’s ability to evaluate himself.


  2. Raffaele:

    1) “I am unsure whether to be happy for our coach to finally realize this hard to grasp truth (that is: if your rotation expands your key players get more rest) or to be depressed because it took him 20 games to get to this extraordinary conclusion”.

    I would pick the second…. read this, I even posted a comment there explaining what I think

    2) you hit it on the nail. Instead of bitching, Carney should first think about hitting at least the rim on his free throws (LOL), and then focus about the bonehead plays that he piled up over the last games (missed dunks, turnovers, various bricks etc). I think Mo should give him more chances but it’s true that every time he had one this year, he showed very little… he had a strech in which he was playing like garbage, so I think he deserved to be benched

    Jury is still out for Rodney Carney but he has to step up big time. And soon. Let’s hope that with this “new”, deeper rotation he can finally show us something. About time.

  3. Sean said

    Good stuff as usual Ricky,

    Carney needs to shoot better and stop trying not to top Kobe’s 81 in 2 minutes. He needs to calm down and get into the flow of things, take a page out of Thad’s book, who almost never forces the action. He may get it, but it is a concern, no doubt

  4. […] the airball on the free throw (vs Knicks at MSG, 8th December 2007) – Not bad for a supposed “shooting” guard that thinks to have also […]

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