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Stefanski effect or what?

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on December 12, 2007

ea78d4ff9920e524fe0bafa77ee95699-getty-76075360dd001_rckts_sixers.jpgNow this is funny.

Last time we played the Rockets at the Wachovia Center it ended like this, a 50 point trashing that meant the worst home loss ever for our beloved franchise.

We tasted a sweet revenge last night, trouncing the Rockets more than the final 100-88 score would tell. It might be the Stefanski effect (3-1 our record with him, 8-13 overall, .381) but for sure Sixers look like a different team after the third consecutive win. And Minnesota comes next.

To me, the big news is actually that we wore the retro uniforms again… the throwback love is spreading and even the Rockets commentators on League Pass said they like them more that the current ones !!! A specific post about Sixers uniforms will be up on S4G soon, so all of you jersey freaks stay tuned… in the picture, you can take a nice, clean look at them ! How can you not love them ?????

Some flashes will be enough to recap the game:

1) Sixers started shooting 7/8 and taking an early lead, taking advantage of Steve Francis’ horrible playmaking and Green’s USUAL (yes, he’s playing very well, so I will cut him some slack) hot start. Tracy Mc Grady’s 12 points on 5/6 kept Houston close in a first quarter where Kevin Ollie AND Calvin Booth saw action…

2) a 12-3 Sixers run ended the second quarter, highlighted by a play in which Thaddeus Young stole the ball from Yao Ming, gave it to Miller who assisted Korver for a transition three (54-39). Sixers played excellent team defense on the chinese center and were very active under the offensive glass, getting lots of second chances. Oh, Carney airballed a three, but this is no news. TMG was held to zero points in the period, and Bonzi Wells had to pick up the slack offensively for Houston.

3) in the third we saw every Sixers fans’ dream come true: Reggie Evans FINISHING and going 2/2 from the line, Miller and Iguodala connecting at will  from outside, our defense completely blocking an embarassing Houston team. The game actually was over at 74-46, with less then 8 minutes to go, but were up also 31 (80-49, 4.30 left)

4) this means that the game had around 20 minutes of garbage time (!!), and I must tell you that no one was seriously concerned when Scola made it a 10 point game with 2 minutes left (94-84): four points by Willie Green immediately put the Rockets to bed

More flashes:

1) Thad Young played well, don’t get fooled by the boxscore. He didn’t force anything… ok, maybe just a shot… but this kid will be special. He missed a dunk though.

2)  Kevin “blackmailing” Ollie scored his first two field goals of the season. The veteran served as Miller’s back up, since Lou Williams is still out after the bad fall following Lee’s foul. Well done, for once, by the old checks stealer, he still takes care of the ball.

3) Don’t get foooled by the boxscore – part II. Carney didn’t play 10 minutes. Ask any Sixers fan whether he noticed him, you will hear a resounding “NO !!”

4) Sam Dalembert outplayed Yao Ming. Yao comes after Haywood, Bogut, Curry…the list is getting longer, and now it’s not only some stiffs. Go on dude.

5) Korver had his second consecutive good game off the bench. He’s 8-11 from downtown over the last three. Out of the tunnel? We need him effective. He can really turn a game around.

Maybe it was Ed, maybe it was Mo. Maybe both. Maybe the extended rotation. Anyway something happened in the Sixers locker room. Just carry on. With the wins, and with those uniforms.

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