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T’wolves rejected !!!!!!

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on December 13, 2007

9015217cfa82730b899e6a54dfea305b-getty-76075367jg009_twolve_sixer.jpgNine blocks in a game are an amazing line.If one of these makes you win the game, that is even nicer.

If the nine blocks are paired with 18 points and 11 boards, it becomes something impressive: one block short of a triple double, exactly.

Add a perfect 8/8 from the line and you realize that Dalembert’s game vs Timberwolves was really special. We have to thank him for the 98-94 win (Sixers’ fourth straight, 9-13, .409).

“I’m not going to kiss Sam’s butt, and I let him know when he is good and not good,” said forward Reggie Evans. “I feel he can be an all-star in the East if he plays like he did tonight.”

Considering the lack of big men, he might be right. Especially on the “kissing the butt” part, I am not going to do it either (LOL).

The game was closer than everyboy thought: everybody was expecting a blow out, after all Minnesota was 3-16 and in the second night of a back-to-back. But the T’Wolves showed some pride and fought until the end, with a great contribution from their bench, that had 44 points vs Sixers’ 21.

I think this gives more value to our win rather than being a bad sign (like we are not capable to close games etc). I am very happy with the win then. Winning games down the stretch gives you perhaps even more confidence.

Before Dalembert’s show, Sixers fan watched another one, at the beginning of the game. It was one of the worst display of offensive ineptitude by a sigle player that I had the chance to see. I’m talking about Reggie Evans’ first quarter. Follow me 🙂

1) a missed layup just under the basket

2) a lane violation that made Iguodala’s free throw nullified (…)

3) a lost ball (steal by Smith)

4) an assist he didn’t grab in the paint, with the ball ending out of bounds

5) a bad pass (another steal)

Cheeks put an end to this calvary, pulling Evans out after 7 minutes. He had 4 TO in the first. But the funniest Evans play came in the second, when he BRICKED A REVERSE LAYUP ( ???!!! I cannot describe this, I apologize, I’ll try to find the video…).

Despite Evans’ efforts (joking), Sixers had a strong first, in which they had a 26-14 lead, to close it 28-21. Iguodala had 11, Green 9 including a couple of “and one” plays (kudos again), Jason Smith a quick 4. Sam had already 4 blocks, intimidating Jefferson and starting his unbelievable night, easily the best one of his career.

“Antrash” Walker reminded us that he loves to play vs Sixers, hitting two threes, Mc Cants followed with another one and Minnesota trimmed it to 32-29. Lou Williams was back for us in the period, but he looked a little bit lost in his first game after the injury, forcing some shots: a three by Green extended the lead to nine (44-35) but Minnesota kept playing hard and effectively pounding the ball in the low post. They ended the first half with a lucky left handed hook shot by Adriana Lima’s beau on a drive at the buzzer: 51-45.

By halftime stats were very similar: Sixers 18/39 (46%), 19 rebounds, 11 assists, 9 turnovers. Minnesota 19/45 (42%), 20 rebounds, 11 assists, 8 turnovers. Green had 12 (4/9), Iguodala 11 (4/8), Smith 8 (4/5), Sam 6 + 8 rebounds + 4 blocks.

In the third Mo went with the starting five for the first 9 minutes, making no substitutions: Sixers had another 7 point lead at 73-66 but Minnesota tied it with an immediate 7-0 run: the score at the end was 79-74.

Thaddeus Young started the fourth at PF, Dalembert’s seventh, fantastic, block helped us reaching a 82-74 edge. But T’Wolves made the best run of the night, a 15-2 break that turned that deficit into a 3 point lead: 86-89 with Walker’s third three (f’k !!). Telfair directed their offense very well, penetrating and kicking out for open team mates: Jefferson was huge too in the low post, as usual. I honestly started feeling cold…

But here came Sixers’ “new” personality: instead of breaking up, the team calmy kept playing, led by Andre Miller and Iguodala offensively, by our totem Sam in our half court. Minnesota had some costly misses from the line but when Iguodala was called for a (clear) charge on Jaric with 18 seconds to go, Sixers up 2 (96-94), had the chance to go to overtime, or win it with a three pointer.

They gave the ball to their best player, Jefferson, but the former Celtic had to face our “godfather”: Dalembert rejected Al’s hook shot with seven seconds to go, Iguodala got the ball and was fouled, sealing the game with a couple from the line: 98-94.

“I knew he was going to shoot the hook, and I went straight for it,” Dalembert said of the final block. Hey, he knew it.


Iguodala had another solid, “quiet” all around game and sank the free throws when it counted. I realized he scored 25 only at the end. No forced shots, three highlight reel dunks on fastbreak. Cool.

Green was… Green. The Willie Green of the last games I mean. The 5 rebounds and mostly the 4 assists (!) confirm that he’s not the garbage player he used to be. Should I pick him for my fantasy team ? Uhm… I’m thinking about jumping on Green’s bandwagon 🙂

Miller had an ugly miss in the final minute, blowing a layup under the rim, but the 8 assists (and if it wasn’t for Evans he could had 10, LOL) and the 6/6 from the line tell us that he’s always improving

Young was active on the offensive glass, had a couple of nice baskets. Good contribution anyway.

Lou Williams shot wasn’t falling, but it was great to have him back anyway, and the five assists were brilliant.

Sam (in the picture, screaming his joy) was… Shaq. But with Korver’s accuracy from the line (LOL)

So who’s next? Sacramento….

4 Responses to “T’wolves rejected !!!!!!”

  1. Zeke said

    Good work man.
    I found this site today and will be back every day.
    Can you explain why you like the Evans/Hunter trade? Evans is worthless and has a longer contract than Hunter.

  2. thanks for the kind words Zeke, I am trying to do my best and it’s nice to have warm feedbacks

    The only thing about logging in to S4G daily is having a lil bit of patience. You have to consider the time zone difference: I usually watch Sixers games live but this means going to bed at 3.30-4 AM GT (guidos time, LOL)

    Considering I (still ?) have a job and a family, usually I can’t write posts before my evening, this means that they are up during your afternoon, in the 2-5 PM range more or less

    As for the trade, I am not a huge Evans fan of course but I think he brings something that this team DESPERATELY needed: rebounding. I liked even less Hunter, he was a terrible rebounder considering his size and position. Yes, he was a nice shotblocker but we have already Sam for that, so it was not a big deal to lose him. We need more Evans’ 9 boards than Hunter’s 1 block. Hunter btw is glued to the bench Denver…

    And yes, Evans’ contract expires one year later but I think he’s the kind of tradeable guy that coaches and GMs really like, you can always find a team looking for his services off the bench (I know here he has to start, but this is another story… in a ‘normal’ good team he would be a back up)

  3. Analyzthat76 said

    Great summary bro. Keep up the good work. Hopefully Sam can back this up with a solid performance instead of disappearing as usual. I’ll take 10, 10 and 3 blocks against SAC. Just don’t give me 4, 4 and 1 block Sam!

  4. “Just don’t give me 4, 4 and 1 block Sam!”

    LOL u called it bro (I’m writing this after the Kings game…)

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