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Iverson video, Lou Williams video, Carney poll

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on January 4, 2008

While getting ready for the Lakers game of this morning (4.30 GT = guidos time), the first italian Sixers blog is adding new features, that you will hopefully appreciate.

The first one is a brand new, very cool Allen Iverson You Tube video that my friend Matteo, a.k.a. “marco.materazzi.23“, made by himself. The interesting thing is that Matteo is a diehard Lakers fan (you will see it at the end of the video) but he always liked Iverson. I will follow the game live this morning chatting with Matteo and making fun of each other’s team, in the meantime show him some love, I think he really did a nice job.

The second video I would like to share with S4G readers is the Lou Williams block on Okur + alley oop dunk during the Jazz game, if you don’t know what I’m talking about read my recap. I thought that the play would have been Top 3 material but they didn’t include it even in the Daily Top 10… pretty unbelievable to me… well, I’m making up for it:

The third one is pretty much a joke, but I like it. I can’t post real polls on this site, you know, the cool ones, where you can click your option, see the results with the percentages etc etc… impossible on this platform.

So in order to reply to the “poll”, you should leave a comment below, indicating WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE RODNEY CARNEY MOMENT OF THE SEASON so far (links are to S4G articles, not to videos, I couln’t find any so far… any help would be appreciated here):

1) the “1-vs-0” missed dunk (vs Jazz at Utah, Jan 2nd 2008) – An amazing play that he’s making us used to and that follows many similar ones, see the finest case.

2) the airballed free throw (vs Knicks at MSG, 8th December 2007) – Not bad for a supposed “shooting” guard that thinks to have also three point range.

3) getting blocked by Mike Miller (vs Grizzlies at Memphis, 22nd December 2007) – Well, not trying to influence you, but this is a great accomplishment and my personal favorite, I even have the picture:


Leave your comment and cast your vote !!!


17 Responses to “Iverson video, Lou Williams video, Carney poll”

  1. Iverson video is f’ing awesome.

  2. A.I. makes me want to run through a wall, I love that guy.

  3. thanks for the feedback, Matteo will be happy to read this !

    but c’mon, from the mighty Sportshernia I want also a vote for the Carney poll !!!!

  4. sixerdave said

    I was hatin on Carney for a while, but now we have no choice but to give him time.

    Some guys take longer to develop than others (John Salmons, Matt Barnes, etc.) so maybe Carney will get it after some time.

    We have 15 roster spots… he’s not that expensive to be a problem.

    Keep up the good work.

  5. Alex`D said

    Very good Iverson’s video! This mix one of the best, that I see… Can you post link on original vid with better quality? I want to save this in my collection…
    And I liked song from mix very much…
    Really great job by your friend!

  6. Alex, thanks for the warm feed back, I asked Matteo your question and I’m waiting for a reply, stay tuned

    Sixerdave, thank you for the comment, I am not hating on Carney (at least not yet, LOL), I am making fun of his shortcomings, let’s see if he can improve and show us something…

  7. Matteo - marco.materazzi.23 said

    Hi man… Thanks for the comment.
    This is the download version:

  8. Alex said

    I remember in college at Memphis Carney had a ton of talent, but he also liked to hang out around the perimeter, even on that level. That never bodes well for transitioning to the NBA.

    As far as the vote, it’s tough to beat shooting guard hitting nothing but air on a free-throw!

  9. Jon said

    I know you like the Miller block, but I love the blown dunk. The free throws are too Reggie Evans for me, but Carneys clanks are unique. It’s like a high jumper who knocks the pole down on their first run.

  10. here comes the knowledgeable fan: the missed dunk, excellent choice Jon !

    Gotta love when he rises up in the air, gets ready for the big stuff – because he doesn’t want “only” to dunk, he wants “the” dunk – and then explodes with the… rim rejection ! Aahh, good times

  11. Aarick said

    Unfortunately, this isn’t the first blown dunk I’ve seen out of #25. He runs like a track star and hopes the wind will slow him down in the air. I don’t know if he would be able to slow down enough for a lay-up if he tried.

    But the air-ball in the mecca arena of all of basketball, is priceless. He rarely gets to the free-throw line (which is sad, seeing how athletic he is) and then he gets to the line fails to touch anything. I also didn’t see the other candidates (lol).

    There are always incoming candidates for Rodney Carney, whether it be getting dunked on by Travis Outlaw or his patented 17-foot floaters.

    He was inactive for last night’s game and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing. That means more minutes for Thad but more minutes for GG. I like Giricek but he is first and foremost an expiring contract and he shouldn’t play more than 10 minutes. I thought giving Carney was one of the reasons for the Korver trade. If the Gordan is ahead of him in the rotation, his confidence is at an all-time low right now.

  12. I see the blown dunk gets a lot of love, cool Aaron.
    And yes, that wasn’t the first case, that’s why I said “we are getting used to” and last year’s dunk (click on “the finest case” link) was the most embarassing one. Seriously, I think you gave a correct explaination of what he needs to do: SLOW DOWN

    As for the minutes, when you are getting past by Gordan Giricek in the rotation, it means there is something wrong. And not sure it’s Mo fault in this case, apparently they “sit and talk weekly” and honestly Carney blew many of the the opportunities he had. The sad thing is that I’ve read somewhere that he couldn’t explain to himself why he wasn’t getting (more) playing time, even after all those poor performances. How about watching your tapes, Rodney?

    I repeat my opinion, you can show something even in garbage time or playing 5 minutes, of course it’s tougher than when you are getting 30, but that’s a challenge you have to take as a rookie/young player. I mean, Thad did it in less than 40 games, Carney basically never could in almost one year and a half. The kid has to work his butt off and man up now that his confidence is at “al all time low” like you correctly said, instead of bitching

  13. Alex`D said

    Thanks for the link, Matteo! 😉
    And thanks for this pretty site, Ricky! BTW, we are colleagues! 😉
    I`m also have site about Sixers. This is first Russian Sixers – site. If you are interesting, there is link: (But now I unfortunately haven`t time to update it, cause I pass exams…)

  14. great Alex ‘D, I’ll add your site to my blog roll for sure

    So now we have a spanish blog (Los Sixers de Philadelphia), a polish one (don’t know the name but it’s on the blogroll) + a russian one. Sixers global network is growing, nice !

    Good luck with your exams (journalism? public relations?), let’s keep in touch 🙂

  15. Alex`D said

    3 exams remains. First two ones – best grade 🙂

  16. ahahaha, I am NOT an IT specialist, I can barely run this poor blog !

    Anyway your site is very nice, congratulations. Sixers articles in cyrillic, how cool is that ???!! 🙂

    keep up the good work, also at college

  17. […] from S4G: The other Sixer you guys have is Rodney Carney. He drove us nuts for a couple of years (see this post), but he’s definitely a talented player that could blossom there, in the right system. What […]

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