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Swept & ripped

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on January 5, 2008

103afba716941a467083b3b7dbd223da-getty-76076198ab024_sixers_lakers.jpgIt was more or less like the picture shows, and for 48 minutes.

I guess it would have been better to get drunk with friends or something rather that going to bed at 7 AM to watch live the embarassing 124-93 loss to the Lakers that puts us at a 14-19 record (.424).

The Odom and Radmanovic-less Lakers completed a season sweep of the Sixers basically with no fatigue, while we looked tired and lost, and I’m being nice. The good thing is that I will put the same (few) effort in recapping the game, since it was a “no contest” after few minutes from the tip off.

As usual, I won’t repeat the things that you can get by yourself checking the boxscore or the play-by-play report, but focus on other aspects that you will likely not find elsewhere and that I noticed. Here is a short list: 

1) Kobe didn’t score a single point in the second period, when Lakers won the game, and didn’t even take a shot, despite playing 6 minutes. Terrific defense by the Sixers? No, the fact is L.A. didn’t need him to score, because his team mates were already destroying us. Crittenton had 8 in the quarter and netted a career high 19.

2) Remember when Bynum had a career high 27 points in Philadelphia, shooting 10/11 from the field and schooling Dalembert and our big men (?) all night long? Well, he basically went on from that point yesterday night, having 14 (5/7) in the first half, to go with 12 rebounds: Sixers had 16 AS A TEAM. Lakers center finished with 16 boards, career high.

3) Turiaf’s 5 blocks are the third career high of the night (…): he had 4 in the first half, and paired them with 8 points on 4/4. He looked like the best Rasheed Wallace, hitting also outside jumpers.

4) half time stats were pitiful: Lakers shot 67% (25/37), Sixers 34% (16/46), Los Angeles had a 25-16 rebounding lead, assists were 12-8, blocks 7-1 (!!). Talking about a pure ass-kicking. Iguodala was our top scorer with 11, but on 4/13.

The only thing to save in the first half was that Willie Green made his return to the line up after six games: his last game played was on December 21st vs… the Lakers. He looked ok, scoring 6 in the first period, which is nice (I can’t believe I’m writing this).

5) just like the 24 point lead wasn’t enough, Kobe Bryiant set the tone at the beginning of the second half, with a reverse dunk and an unbelievable fall away jumper nearly from behind the board: Cheeks called timeout after 45 seconds !

6) Sixers inability to finish under the basket reached embarassing peaks in the third. The quarter ended with the Lakers IMPROVING THEIR SHOOTING PERCENTAGE to 68 % (36/63)… the final 66.2 % is “the best in more than 23 years”.

7) not that shooting from outside was any easier for us: Sixers first three point shot made came with 2 seconds left (!!), when Lou Williams set the score to the final 93-124. The ugly thing is that with Korver gone, it will be like this until April: we are 13/38 from downtown in the four games after the trade. 

8 ) individually, I think the worst Sixer was Dalembert, completely overwhelmed by Bynum. After grabbing 1 defensive rebound @ Utah in 40 minutes (! but he had nine offensively), Sam got zero yesterday @ L.A. (2 in the other half court). It means a total of one defensive board in 58 minutes of playing time…. is it a record for a center ???

But it’s a tough race bewtween him, Miller, Iguodala and Evans. Giricek was horrible too but he got plenty of help (LOL) from all his team mates while on the floor.

Lou Williams’ final stat line might look decent but he had more turnovers than assists and I didn’t like how he played and “led” the team. Also in garbage time, yes.

Thaddeus Young showed at least some flashes and Jason Smith some attitude and will to fight, but it all came in the last 24 minutes of garbage time. Good only for their confidence, hopefully, a part of the learning process.

Rodney Carney was UAU again, and managed to get beat off the dribble and let Coby Karl score the first field goal of his NBA career on the last play of the night for the Lakers. Karl jr is Calvin Booth-ugly, by the way (LOL).

Sixers take on Iverson and the Nuggets on Sunday to end their trip West: the record is 2-3 now.

2 Responses to “Swept & ripped”

  1. Juan Camilo said

    siempre espero este juego con mucha emocion,y miren esa palera que nos dieron los Lakers,la verdad que fue terriblemente vergonzoso lo mal que jugo el equipo,bueno ojala y las cosas mejoren en este mes


    From Colombia

    Go Phila!!!!

  2. even from Colombiaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!

    Bienvenido a bordo, Juan Camilo !! I’m sorry, I can’t speak spanish but I unduerstand it pretty well, so you can comment like that, no problem, I hope you will come back here often !

    Go Sixers !

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