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“Both teams played bad”

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on January 24, 2008

fb49293974e1cdaa333d46806e3b422b-getty-76075357jg010_pistons_sixers.jpgI’m gonna pull a Rasheed Wallace to comment your usual, routine loss to the Pistons, this time 78-86 at home, for a 16-27 (.372) record.

I don’t know if Pistons fans enjoy this type of games wins but anyway I must say that all the games we played with them in the last XXX years were damn boring, and believe me I like almost any kind of basketball game, reguardless of how the final score is. It’s barely a surprise that the first loss of this year came in similar way and we even scored the same (low) amount of points, 78.

I was also thinking that the last time we beat Detroit in a serious game was in Wilt Chamberlain’s rookie year or something, but I eventually learned that they won only 13 of the last 15 games, which is pretty good….

Overall the “baby reaching for a bottle that is out of reach” expression that Steve King used is funny and gives you the idea of how the game went. I also had the impression that Pistons were playing with us, putting minimum effort to come out with a win after an uncharacteristic three games losing streak. That’s what veteran teams do, after all, we have only to take note and try to learn from them.

(This recap comes late due to “technical” reasons – couldn’t open the game on League Pass for a long stretch – so let’s try focus on things that you perhaps didn’t read elsewhere yet, quarter by quarter)

The best thing I noticed in the FIRST QUARTER was that we wore the cool throwback uniforms again (in the picture, Willie Green): even Detroit commentators said they look “great” (I always have to write a specific article about this, but it will come, don’t worry). Other important facts were Reggie Evans’ seven rebounds (!!!), Billups’ 14 points, including two threes and one with the shot clock winding down, and Sixers’ 5 turnovers. The 12-4 rebounding edge we had at the end of the period (23-25) was impressive but we cound’t translate it into a scoring margin. We gave up three three pointers too (…).

Thaddeus Young had a nice hustle play when he missed a mid range shot, followed it, got the offensive rebound and put it back home. Well done. Rip had 8 for Pistons.

In the SECOND QUARTER, opened by a Lou Williams’ three, we were able to build a little lead (30-27 and 36-32) thanks to a couple of nice plays by an active Jason Smith. I noticed also that team mates look more for Thaddeus Young and they involve him in the offense, it’s not that he has to wait for offensive rebounds or fastbreaks to get the ball, that is interesting.

For Detroit Tayshaun Prince scored 8 in the period, a couple of times with his usual low post moves (I guess dear old Aaron Mc Kie could write a book about that, remember how he got abused repeatedly…), Amir Johnson and Arron Afflalo (6 points) made solid contributions too. It was 41-50 at the end, with Pistons shooting 11/19, Sixers 7/18.

HALF TIME STATS showed how Rip Hamilton didn’t miss a shot (12 on 6/6 !!) and how we dominated under their glass (19 rebounds, 10 offensive). Interesting how fastbreak points were Detroit 8 – Philadelphia 0….

After only 58 seconds in the THIRD QUARTER Cheeks had to call a time out because Pistons were up 13 (41-54), and the lead was extended to 14 later (48-62). Here Sixers started a 10-2 run and Detroit native Willie Green made it a six point game (58-64, 3.28), trimmed to five later (61-66) on a drive by Lou Williams. Our control of the offensive boards continued but Pistons back court was torching us. At the end of the quarter (63-70) Rip Hamilton had 18 on 8/8, Billups 19 on 6/9. Not bad uh?

The FOURTH QUARTER was just as ugly as the title of this post let you know. Pistons started shooting 1/11, while Sixers missed all of their first 7 attempts. We also added 5 turnovers. Exciting right? Then Sheed finally made a three (he had 7 points in the last period), Lou Williams answered with a tough three point play in the lane, showing his personality later when he pushed Billups to score on another drive. But the fact is Pistons were always in control of the game and we never had a real chance to steal it from them.



Jason Maxiell (listed at 6’8) had a good block on Sam. I like Maxiell a lot, he reminds me of the best Malik Rose from the Spurs ring times – During the game they showed some nice videos of a young Rip Hamilton in Coatesville and of Willie Green from his Detroit Mercy games – I am pretty sure we closed the game with ZERO points on fastbreak, is this a record? I explain the loss more with this stat than with the 18 turnovers – Brian/Depressed fan kept track record of how we defended the three pointer but after the first quarter we limited the damages, finally – Sheed has a hole in his hair at the top of his head, exactly like me. Is it because he’s scratching it, like I do ? – I have a hard time trying to pick our MVP for the night, maybe a tie between Lou Williams and Jason Smith – A 47-33 rebounding edge and we can’t win the game ?????? – I really hope that Detroit will beat Boston in the Eastern Conference Finals, go Pistons !!!!! – According to Rasheed, Sixers “definitely need some help”… talking about a knowledgeable opinion here, LOL – Rodney Carney apparently played.

2 Responses to ““Both teams played bad””

  1. sixers29 said

    yeah, the game was boring.
    I am very impressed with the last games of JA Smith, we need to see him more minutes.
    By the way, I don’t know what is your opinion about Iguodala, but I would trade him the next summer.

  2. u r right hermano, Jason Smith and Thaddeus Young are improving every night, I wish their minutes will go up… actually Young’s playing time has been increased recently, Smith’s not that much

    I would keep Iguodala but for the right price, which is more or less the 57 millions he refused last summer. Giving him more would mean overpaying him and killing our chances to land another good player to fill the PF spot. But with this GM I am more confident that Iguodala will be paid what he deserves and not more, ala Billy King

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