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First win in Charlotte Arena is dumb

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on January 27, 2008

7c3b937ab5d71e1ecf31e7777e4e90ea-getty-76075315ks017_76ers_bobct.jpgApparently Sixers never won at the Charlotte Bobcats Arena before.

Well, I would have preferred that they waited at least one more year, because I am afraid this 103-96 win vs the Bobcats is one of those that we will regret in the weeks before the lottery. Whatever.

Our record is 17-28 (.378) and we are dangerously close to the 8th seed in the East: currently Indiana is there at 19-26, this means we trail them by only 2 games… that eighth spot would mean a sweep in the first round by the Celtics and no top pick: you tell me if there is anything worse than that.

Yes, I am in full tanking mode, in case you didn’t notice, but I am always trying to be positive so let’s take the good things out of this otherwise useless win.

1) Thaddeus Young got his first start in the NBA. This is the best news of the night to me. “Young vet” didn’t have a spectacular game, but he did make a solid contribution after a slow start. Props to Mo for the move (or, if you want to be evil, blame Mo for waiting 44 games before realizing that Evans simply can’t be a starter in this league)

2) Iguodala had one of his best games of the season and did all the things a franchise player should do. No one expects that he will always shoot 63%, but the leadership, the aggressiveness and the total effort he showed for 40 minutes should be an example, for his team mates and for himself. You want a max contract, Dre? Just play like this every night.

3) the other Andre, Miller, had another excellent, smart performance. His experience told him that the team needed his scoring in the first half, with Sixers struggling big time, under double digit deficits, and he delivered: 15 points on 7/12 in the first half. In the second half he stopped shooting and set up his team mates, and in the decisive third quarter he dished out 6 assists: no wonder we went 15/25 from the floor in the period and built a significant lead. Well done.

4) Sixers dominated under the offensive glass again (we are #1 in the league in that category) and the second chance points kept us alive in the first half. Example? Sixers shot 7/24 in the (horrible) first quarter but Carney had 3 offensive rebounds in the final minute (!) that put him to the line twice, for 4 much needed points. 

5) despite what the boxscore might (not) tell, old bum Kevin Ollie had 8 effective minutes off the bench, and helped our defense stepping up, putting some pressure on Bobcats guards.

I have few things left that are worth mentioning. The first one is that with 3.24 left in the first quarter, with Sixers down 13-24, Cheeks pulled all but one of his starters out (!!), to insert Lou Williams, Evans, Booth and Carney: the only Miller was kept in. I guess he wasn’t that happy with what the first unit was giving him, and this time I have to agree with Mo.

The second is that we went on a 13-0 run to close the third quarter (from 67-71 to 80-71 in 4.40 minutes) with six different players scoring in that stretch: balanced, effective offense. 

The final thing is that we played strong team defense in the fourth, getting many deflections and steals, with timely double teams. It looked like we had a defensive plan !

The Bobcats had a very good first half, with Gerald Wallace driving us nuts with his penetrations, dunks and assists: he had 15 + 6 dimes at the break. But Charlotte shot 7/27 in the third and digged a hole that was eventually too deep. 

They came close at the end, down only five at 98-93 with 2.15 left, but they couldn’t score on a possession that seemed eternal in which they missed four shots, three by the same Wallace. The swingman finished with 0/7 from the field in the second half. 


I wasn’t that impressed by Okafor honestly, he still seems too raw and with no reliable offensive move – Uhm, now that I checked the boxscore again he actually had 17 points with 66% FG and 16 rebounds, not bad, LOL – Yes, I would sign him to fill the PF spot, but for a reasonable price… how about 4 years at 7-8 millions per year? – Well, he sure will find some idiot GM that will give him more – Jason Richardson was terrific from the three point line, how about bringing him in Philly, Ed? – Bobcats used a “hack-a-Reggie” strategy in the fourth, but Evans made one of two from the line and the second time he was fouled Charlotte got a technical because the foul was committed away from the ball: Iguodala made the ensuing free throw – Can we please leave Jason Smith’s young ass on the floor more than those f’n 14 minutes ???? – Iguodala closed the game with a stunning windmill dunk on a fastbreak (see the picture). 

A nice recap from a Hornets fan’s point on view here by Queen City Hoops.

Sixers will have some days off and then meet Brew Hoop‘s Bucks on Wednesday.

5 Responses to “First win in Charlotte Arena is dumb”

  1. Juan Camilo said

    My Friend Ricky, jejeje colocaste que revisaramos un Buen Recap de un fan de los Hornets,era de un fan de los Bobcats jejeje,en cuanto al juego Iguodala como bien lo mencionas hizo hasta lo imposible para guiar a el equipo a la victoria, una cosa que te queria preguntar como va la recuperacion de Shavlick Randolph?? y por cierto no digas que los Celtics nos barrerian en la primera ronda,depronto les damos la sorpresa, LOL

    PD: El Inter empato en su visita al Udinese,y la Roma aprovecho para descontarnos dos puntos Damn!! y tu equipo perdio con nuestros odiados rivales


    From Colombia


  2. Great game from Iguodala. I want to see more efforts like that from him. He was exceptional… it was against the Bobcats though.

  3. Juan Camilo, my friend

    Shavlik is not on the active roster and since his contract will expire this summer I think his days as a Sixer are numbered. He is a decent 10th man I think, but that injury broke his NBA dream, I hope some other team will pick him. He came here only because he’s a dukie, you rememeber the old Billy King connections.

    I would be glad to give a “sorpresa” to the Celtics, if I would be sure of that, I would even renounce to our first rounder this summer, LOL !!

    Genoa lost to Milan, kinda expected…

    All Philadelhia Sports, thanks for checking back here.

    Yes, it was vs the Bobcats, that’s why I say he must repeat himself more often and vs better opponents.

    Hey, I really like the new lay out of your site, good stuff !!!

  4. If you can’t get enough of Louis Williams, check out this sick Louis Williams video compilation.

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