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Blogger MVP/ROY Rankings – Round 5

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on January 28, 2008

You perhaps remember that the first italian Sixers blog hosted Round 4 of the Blogger MVP/ROY rankings.

Well, two weeks passed since then, and it’s time for Round 5, hosted by, the SB nation Denver Nuggets blog (comments welcome there).

I took part to this round as well, of course to screw up the rankings with my european ignorance, and I think I did it, considering who is up there at #2 (LOL).

Thanks to Jeremy for collecting the votes and putting them together.

Just for the record here are MY rankings (10 and 5 are for the two top candidates) that I sent Sunday morning:


10 – Paul (31-12, #1 in the West, your starting team mate in the back court is freaking Mo Peterson and your bench is nearly D-League material? There must be something under all that…or someone)
9 – Howard (funny how he’s 59.6% FG and 59.8% from the line, forgivable if you bring also 15 rebounds per game to the table)
8 – Nash (you know that this guys is turning 34 in few days, right?)
7 – Garnett 
6 – LeBron James (I know, he’s amazing, he’s having perhaps his best year bla bla bla, but he’s 4 games over .500 and with the same team that went to the ECF last year)
5 – Billups
4 – Bryant
3 – Nowitzki (I could swear he’s happy that almost nobody is bringing up his name for MVP this year, or Dallas as possible winner…maybe that’s why he/they will have the last laugh !)
2 – Butler (Wizards fans will build a statue in Kupchack’s honour)
1 – Baron Davis (most exciting player in the most exciting team)


5 – Durant (I don’t care if his pctgs are so low, try to play with Watson, Petro… etc)
4 – Horford (a silent worker that will have a great career, despite not being flashy… or maybe just because of that)
3 – Navarro
2 – Moon (nice story, nice player)
1 – Thornton (I don’t like him that much, but I respect his contribution)

Round 6 will be up on Monday 11th February, we still don’t know where.

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