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Amazing win, even for us tankers

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on February 6, 2008

bc48e4320385792445ecaa1fc8e9a3f2-getty-76075383dd002_wizs_sixers.jpgThis time we were on the right side of a furious comeback, and it was impressive and enjoyable at the same time.

Sixers used a 17-0 run in the fourth to come out with a 101-96 home win vs the Wizards (19-30, .388).

Readers of this blog perhaps know I am in tanking mode since…well, a long time, but the game was really nice to see and it marked many interetsing facts that could perhaps become little turning points for some of our players and, in general, for the team’s confidence. 

In the FIRST QUARTER Sixers managed to get a lot of easy points on fastbreaks (Andre Miller had 7 dimes, many for Iguodala and Young – in the picture), for Washington Deshawn Stevenson had 8 points and the period ended 23-25. Jason Smith saw some action after missing the last three games with an ankle injury.

Sixers played an intense full court pressure at the beginning of the SECOND QUARTER, and Wizards had troubles attacking it, turning the ball over many times. Rodney Carney did a nice contribution off the bench, hitting his first three field goals, while Roger Mason was excellent on the other side, knocking down three shots from behind the arc: 49-56 at the break.

HALF TIME STATS were good for both teams, Sixers shot 19/33 (58%) despite not connecting from three point land (your usual 0/2), Miller scored 11, to go with 10 assists (!), Iguodala 9, Thad 7, Carney 6. Washington was 22/43 (51%) but 5/11 on three pointers: Mason had 13 points, Jamison 11, Butler (playing on a sore knee) and Stevenson 8, Haywood 6.

In the THIRD QUARTER Stevenson caught fire, draining three times from downtown and pushing Wizards ahead. Brendan Haywood had an amazing stretch as well, with 8 consecutive points, including two “and one” plays (69-77). A poor free throw shooter, Haywood scored 10 in the quarter and was 6/6 from the line.

Thaddeus Young answered with 10 points in the period, scoring in many ways (nice !). Notice how at the end of the third (73-83) Wizards were 8/15 from three, while Sixers 0/4…. 

Lou Williams finally made a three pointer to start the FOURTH QUARTER when Sixers used a (questionable) line up of Kevin Ollie, Rodney Carney, Reggie Evans, Jason Smith + the same Lou. A three point play by Antonio Daniels on a (dumb) foul by Evans gave Wizards their largest lead of the game: 78-90, with 8.51 remaining.

Sixers’ unlikely storm started here: aggressive defense, steals, deflections and some unexplicable bricks by Wizards let us go on a 17-0 break that included two fantastic dunks by Rodney Carney: make it 95-90 Sixers, 2.44 to play. Washington was so stunned that couldn’t have a real chance to come back in the game, also because Antawn Jamison airballed a couple of nearly uncontested three pointers.

Like that, we could overcome another poor free throw shooting night (Iguodala’s 2/8 is simply unforgivable) and take the W, even with Andre Miller not playing a single minute in the fourth (!).

Now turning back to the “turning points” thing, I would like to underline that:

1) Thad’s 17 points set a new career high. How about 8/10 from the field? With one of the two misses being an “in & out” hook shot? How about the 9 rebounds? Another excellent game by our rookie, to cut it short. His confidence is growing every night.

2) Rodney Carney looked like a NBA player. You know, those guys who knock down shots – or when they miss, they at least hit the rim, LOL – , grab rebounds, play defense etc… He played the whole fourth quarter and his 16 points are a season high. He even had some self praising quotes after the game:

“It was my style, running and gunning,” said Carney, who shot 7 for 11 from the field. “Once it got to that, I’m one of the fastest guys out there – (LOL !!) – and I was able to sprint down the court, getting open layups and playing the passing lanes” (link).

That was nice, Rodney, but now calm down, you have to do this on a regular basis before talking. Anyway, I’m happy he played so well, really.

3) it seems to me that Reggie Evans coming off the bench is more effective. In terms of good plays/minutes ratio, I mean. Or at least he is less detrimental (LOL). Jokes aside, he is doing well in his (cut) playing time after Young was put in the starting line up and perhaps he’s realizing that also in this more limited role he can be very useful doing his – much needed – job under the boards.

And without getting isolation plays run for him, taking idiotic dribbles or similar BS, like it was before. Cool, Reggie, you get paid million dollars to be a blue collar guy, then be it. And keep your second career three pointer for the Celtics 🙂

Sixers meet (Shaq-less ???) Miami on Thursday and the Clippers on Saturday, check Steve’s Clips Nation and Kevin’s Clipperblog for coverage about my 2nd favorite team. Both are very cool, funny sites.


Both Lou Williams and Andre Iguodala missed free throws after two techical fouls called against Wizards – Officiating was poor, refs missed a lot of calls especially about last touches on the ball – Sixers lead 2-1 in the series vs Wizards. Last year we were swept, 0-3 – Washington shot 0/10 from three in the fourth !! – Dear old Randy “juicy face” Ayers, an assistant for the Wizards, sit on their bench. His face looked pretty juicy – Caron Butler, clearly wasn’t your usual Caron Butler. I like this guy, btw – This is Bullets forever’s recap. Now that’s a recap… – Deshawn Stevenson’s goatee is ugly. His shooting form is also ugly. Effective, though – Brendan Haywood’s game was excellent for my fantasy team. Interesting, uh? – Andre Iguodala is 20/35 from the line in the last six games (57%) – Rodney Carney is 12/13 in the last five (92%). Knowing his early struggles, that’s a good sign.


2 Responses to “Amazing win, even for us tankers”

  1. koste said

    i em from lithuania but i em fan for 76ers:)go sixers go

  2. Lithuania ????? You are the first one from this lovely country !!! Cool !!!!

    Koste, check back here often, Sixers nation is getting bigger and bigger worldwide !!

    Regards from Italy

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