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Blogger MVP/ROY rankings – Round 6

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on February 12, 2008

bde67ff2e4a181b55e3139bd45ed34f6-getty-76075354jm003_mavs_sixers1.jpgThis time it was Matt from Hardwood Paroxysm to collect the votes from a panel of selected bloggers, included myself, and published them, in a stylish way !!

So here you go with Round Six.

As you will see, rising Thaddeus Young (in the picture) got some love in the “Rookie of the year” ranking and this is no wonder, given his recent improvements and the fact that with him playing a starting role, Sixers are emerging in the East.

Just for the record my votes this time were as follows:


10 – Paul (33-15, #3 in the West with that roster and that bench, you can’t tell me that he’s NOT the perfect MOST VALUABLE PLAYER in the true sense of the word)
9 – Howard (stat wise he would be #1 IMO but his team is third in the East and this should affect his ranking a bit.. I assume the fact he ‘s leading my fantasy team to an excellent season doesn’t qualify)
8 – LeBron James (you can call me crazy but after all these years in the league I came to the conclusion that he’s pretty good)
7 – Garnett 
6 -Nash (Suns are #1 in the West while I am tryping this, and this 34 y/o guy is leading them… can’t wait to watch him with O’ Neal, will Shaq try to wear Steve’s shorts?)
5 – Bryant
4 – Billups

3 – Nowitzki
2 – Deron Williams (turning back to the level of the beginning of the season. Now with Korver they have one more weapon, and it shows)
1 -Pierce (excellent all year and taking the load now, in KG’s absence, for NBA top team. Damn, I hate them)


5 – Durant 
4 – Horford 

3 – Navarro
2 – Moon
1 – Thaddeus Young
(you can call me biased, and I am definitely, but this kid is the second youngest in the NBA and has slowly worked his way into the starting line up, in a spot that is not his – PF – and he’s doing extremely well, even if few ware noticing. Well, they should. Amazing talent)

Round 7 will be up in two weeks, stay tuned here.

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