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Luck and pride give Sixers a nice W in Miami

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on February 24, 2008

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I think this game can have a huge importance. Not for the win in itself but for how it came.

Sixers got out of Miami with a 96-101 overtime win but to me this has to be considered more as an “avoided loss”. Still, it goes down in the left column (25-32, .439). 

In my opinion it was a combination of many and very different factors to give us this win, in the second night of a back-to-back and in the fourth game in five nights. In no particular order:

LUCK: Jason Williams misfired on a WIDE OPEN three pointer from the corner as the regulation time expired. Sixers allowed this “dangerous” shot with a BAD defensive possession, trying – only trying, that’s the point… – to double team Wade and leaving a very good shooter all alone in a position to win the game. So we didn’t cover Wade well and we didn’t rotate to guard Williams either.

This play came immediately after an AWFUL offensive possession, in which we coulnd’t create a decent shot. With the game tied at 91-91 Iguodala, put under some pressure by Heat defense, gave the ball to Dalembert in the low post (…) and Sam turned it over attempting a horrible, nonsense pass in the paint (……).

So make it four poor decisions in the two plays that could have… decided the game.

Sixers were lucky also in the overtime because Jason Williams missed a pretty easy shot with Sixers down one (96-95) and then Wade and Marion had unusual misses in the paint as well, and this after Iguodala put up by two points (96-98). The same Andre on the following possession drove past Ricky Davis and scored on a nice lefthanded layup (96-100), capping a 9-0 Sixers run that closed the game.

These considerations should’t take anything from the Sixers, because we did many things well.

BOARDING: we completely dominated the glasses (50-33 edge), our 17 offensive rebounds gave us many second chance points. Mark Blount is notoriously a poor rebounder, maybe the worst one among starting centers besides Eddie Curry, and grabbed only four in thirty minutes, and Marion had a sub par game under the boards as well.

ATTITUDE: the best thing of this game it was that we answered a 5-0 Miami start of the overtime with a 10-0 run on our own. We were able to completley change the momentum just when Miami seemed to gain control. We never gave up, exactly.

CLUTCH PLAYS: Iguodala had the two biggest baskets of the night in overtime, an “and one” tough drive while being fouled by Haslem and the aforementioned layup over Davis (96-98 and 96-100, respectively). Before the first of these two field goals, Andre Miller intercepted a pass by Wade and went for an uncontested dunk (!!), the first one as a Sixer, I think.

That’s why I think the win can be a big boost and strenghten the confidence of the team.

Miller was a force offensively again, Thaddeus Young bounced back afetr the tough game at Orlando, Green did his.


Miami is 0-4 in overtime this year – Udonis Haslem, a player I relly like, was back for Miami after nine consecutive missed games. He drained two big jumpers at the end of the regulation, both after kick outs by Wade – Wade scored 17 points in the second quarter shooting 5/8 – Reggie Evans was back after the missed game at Orlando and was very solid off the bench – Dalembert had A TON OF DUMB MISTAKES in crunch time: the turnover I talked about, two misses just underneath the basket in regulation + a fumbled ball after a nice dish from Iguodala in overtime – Cheeks shortened the rotation, using basically only 7 men,  I don’t like this – Shawn Marion wasn’t much involved offensively, while the other former Sun, Marcus Banks, looked good – Jason Smith had a spectacular high-flying two handed dunk – Twentythree turnovers are really too many, but it was the first game since a long time, honestly – Sixers swept the season series with the Heat.

Sixers will enjoy some deserved rest until Wednesday, when they will meet Orlando again.


2 Responses to “Luck and pride give Sixers a nice W in Miami”

  1. That win was a boost in the playoffs push for the 76ers… you need to keep beating those bad teams. Even if the Heat are much improved.

  2. exactly SML

    to Heat credit, they were playing to win the game. In their place, I would have been already in FULL tanking mode

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