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Blogger MVP/ROY rankings – Round 7

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on February 26, 2008


This time it was Tom from Celtics blog to collect and publish the votes from a panel of selected bloggers.

So here is the link to Round 7 of the rankings, enjoy !!!.

Unfortunately Tom didn’t allow Sixers bloggers to vote receive my votes, due to his spam filter blocking italians my mail, so this time the rankings, with my BS votes not counted, are reliable.

It’s the first time actually, since I messed up partecipated to all of the previous six rounds, and even hosted Round 4 in mid January, if you remember.

Round 8 will be up in two weeks, this time hopefully with my votes again !!!

4 Responses to “Blogger MVP/ROY rankings – Round 7”

  1. Ben Q Rock said

    For whom would you have voted, Ricky?

  2. LOL I thought nobody would care, Ben !!

    anyway since you are being so kind to ask me, here were my votes (that Tom didn’t get):


    10 – Paul (anyone who saw him playing ths year and thinks he IS NOT the MVP should have his brain examined.. or at least have his bball knowledge questioned. Look at his team, his roster, his bench and then look at the rankings: got it?)
    9 – Howard (stat wise he would be #1 IMO but his team is third in the East and this should affect his ranking a bit.. )
    8 – LeBron James (he could be #2 as far as I am concerned, but I want Paul to win at least one round of our rankings !!)
    7 – Bryant (he is even happy, that’s the scaring part…)
    6 – Nash (Suns are #1 in the West, and this 34 y/o guy is leading them)
    5 – Garnett
    4 – Billups (“boring” leader of a “boring” team that happens to be two games under the #1 position in the NBA)
    3 – Duncan (5 consecutive wins… are they warming up for the post season?)
    2 – Deron Williams
    1 – Pierce


    5 – Durant
    4 – Horford
    3 – Navarro
    2 – Scola
    1 – Thaddeus Young

  3. Alex said

    Nice list, and sorry about the email mix-up this week, Ricky.

    I had Paul at the top of my list too.

  4. cool Alex, no problem for the mix up at all

    anyway seems we can’t lift Paul to #1, LeBron won again !!

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