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When Sixers can run, they are magic

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on February 29, 2008

faa7d173ca5175242ae24765c82fa2c6-getty-76075372jg017_magic_sixers.jpg(BRING THE OLD SIXERS UNIFORMS BACK ! S4G CAMPAIGN – SIGN HERE)

(UNIFORMS UPDATE: guys, I’ve been in contact with the Sixers organization about this topic over the last days. I received a first, encouraging feedback and I’m waiting for a further follow up. Stay tuned on the first italian Sixers blog, as I could have interesting news soon. In the meantime, sign on the link above !!)

I’ll keep the recap of the 101-89 win vs Orlando (26-32, .448) very short, as it comes late due to “technical” reasons.

Sixers played one of the best halves of the season, the first one, to build a 19 point lead (61-42) that Magic could never overcome.

Andre Miller had a terrific 22 points (on 9/10 from the field !!), 6 assists and 3 rebounds stat line at the break, and abused Jameer Nelson and Carlos Arroyo all night with a complete set of low post moves, mid range jumpers, drives (like in the picture).

Willie Green, a player I really love(d) to bash, had a fantastic all around performance: not only his 26 points are a season high, but he also dished assists (5), played defense and even had two blocks, one on JJ Redick, one on Jameer Nelson, that sparked nice fastbreaks on both occasions. 

Green scored the first three points of the game, and never stopped. I take my hat off, Willie, and apologize to you. Best game of the season.

Sixers had a stunning start offensively, knocking down 15 of their first 17 shots (!!), with the only two misses coming from a couple of unusual not converted layups by Thaddeus Young.

In general, Sixers managed to play their best basketball last night, with tough defense & hustle plays (we saw Young diving on the floor for a loose ball, Evans getting offensive rebounds and second possessions, Iguodala, Miller and Carney going for steals, Booth drawing charges… everybody contributed, you got it) and transition offense, that led to many easy buckets.

Orlando – a team with HORRIBLE PLAYMAKING, that could/should have traded for Andre Miller, in my opinion – got close only in the 4th, cutting the deficit to nine points (89-80) but Willie Green had a jumper and a three point play over JJ Redick to put the game definitely out of reach. 

Nice win, and the crowd finally cheered. This teams deserves at least respect, but it can provide even a lot of fun on nights like this.


Dwight Howard was the only Magic to play well in the first quarter, with 12 points and 5 rebounds – Dalembert started with 3/3 and this time did a good job opposing the Magic center. Calvin Booth helped him too – Reggie Evans got a standing ovation in the fourth: he grabbed an offensive rebound after a missed free throw and then stole the ball from the Magic on another possession, seconds later – I am afraid Jason Smith was a DNP-CD… – Magic starting back court combined for 2 points and 1/5 from the field in the first half –  Iguodala’s struggles from the line seem over, let’s hope the trend continues.

Sixers now go West to meet Golden State, Phoenix and LA Clippers. The first two will be tough tests but also exciting games, I hope. I can’t wait.

Want to know what’s the best NBA blog? Golden State of mind hands down, check it for Warriors coverage.

Want a Magic fan point of view on this game? Third quarter collapse is your site.

Want ignorance, Sixers uniforms feticism & bad english? Stay here at Sixers4guidos 🙂

3 Responses to “When Sixers can run, they are magic”

  1. Juan Camilo said

    My friend Ricky,el equipo esta jugando de manera maravillosa!!!! me encanta el nivel que esta mostrando Dre Miller,sabe cuando debe anotar y al mismo tiempo asiste de manera muy buena a sus compañeros,ahora se nos viene una parte dificil de el calendario,el partido con los Clippers hay que ganarlo si o si y si logramos obtener una “W” contra los Warriors o contra los Suns seria perfecto!!! No more in Tanking Mode My Friend??? jajaja

    PD: Gran partido Inter vs Roma cuando ya los de la capital celebraban aparecio nuestro gran capitan Zanetti y se marco un Golazooooooo jajajaja Forza Inter!!!!


    From Colombia


  2. Smith was out with an ankle injury, not a DNP CD. And when Evans got that standing ovation he deserved it, and so did Mo. The Sixers offense was completely stagnant for several minutes leading up to that, and the Magic had climbed back into the game. As soon as Young got back in there, the lid came off the basket and they cruised to the win.

  3. thanks for clarifying about Jason Smith, Brian, so it’s not that he is falling out of the rotation, I was afraid of that because his minutes have been dropping lately

    You are correct also on Evans, he deserved that ovation, it was one of those games when his energy off the bench helps to “shake” things up

    Juan Camilo, I was missing you, LOL

    I am not in tanking mode anymore because we won’t get a top pick anyway so… let’s try to make a run.

    Inter is rocking and Genoa (my team) too, Borriello is #1 in the striker ranking, he’s our “pichichi”, ahahahahaha !

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