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Sixers seen live from Oakland

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on March 2, 2008

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Guys, as promised, I have a surprise for our readers.

Sixers4guidos’ friend Sixerdave, a California resident, watched the Warriors game live in Oakland, and sent me this special contribution. Here is his recap, hope you enjoy:

“What a difference two days and 3000 miles can make.

Two days after making 10 of 11 shots to start off their victory against the Orlando Magic on Wednesday, the Sixers missed their first 14 shots of the game against the Golden State Warriors. This contributed to the 119-97 loss.

Embarking on a 3-game west coast trip, the Sixers may have entered Friday night’s contest a little heavy-legged and jet-lagged.

But that is no excuse for firing up 14 consecutive bricks, especially considering the Warriors were playing shorthanded.

With Andris Beidrins healing from an appendectomy, the Sixers had an opportunity to attack 34 year old defection Chris Webber and 19 year old Brandan Wright. However, early on, the Warriors outscored the Sixers 16-2 in the paint. Wright’s exceptional defense and early offense showed us why the Warriors traded fan favorite Jason Richardson for him.

But the Sixers’ inability to dominate the Warrior bigs displayed their ineptitude in the low block. Dalembert’s offense has been missing in action for several weeks now, but the Sixers still tried to get him involved early. Involved he was, missing nearly all his shots and turning the ball over on a few occasions.

The Sixers were able to overcome most of the opening deficit, battling back to get within 8, 26-18 after the first quarter. Despite the embarrassment that was the first quarter, the Sixers kept the game manageable.

An early second quarter spurt led by Rodney Carney brought the Sixers within 5. But two Al Harrington 3-pointers, followed by one from Mickael Pietrus and one from Austin Croshere stymied the comeback efforts by the Sixers bench.

Carney and Lou Williams scored again and again to keep the Sixers within striking distance, but when the Warriors got 3 points to the Sixers 2, the lead grew. The Sixers were not dominated in the second quarter, but lost the quarter 41-34 to push the halftime Warrior advantage to 15.

The Sixers and Warriors played the third quarter to a near tie. After the Warriors pushed their lead to 21, the Sixers scored 7 straight and had a chance to cut it to 12. An errant pass by Willie Green, poor dribbling by Thaddeus Young, and an airball by Young wasted those opportunities. Eventually, the Sixers did cut it to 12, 106-94, with just over 4 minutes left in the game. But the Warriors had too much offense outscoring the Sixers 13-3 to end the game.

Going in, the Warriors were by far the better team, were playing at home, and were not playing under the effect of a cross country flight. Against a team that shoots early and often like the Warriors, the other team is never out of the game. If the Sixers could have made a few stops in the last 4 minutes, they could have closed the gap. But the Warrior offense was too much.

Rodney Carney had one of his best games as a professional. He scored 18 points and pulled down 8 rebounds. Andre Miller and Carney scored half of the Sixers’ first half points.

Stephen Jackson lit up nearly every Sixer. Whenever they switched Iguodala (in the picture) off of Jackson he scored on whoever defended Jackson. Jackson pulled up for 3 on a fastbreak and instead of coming out on him, Dalembert turned his back and went to the rim. Jackson drained the 3-point basket.

The loss dropped the Sixers to 8-5 for the month of February, a stretch that pushed the Sixers back into the Eastern Conference playoff picture”


2 Responses to “Sixers seen live from Oakland”

  1. thanks for the contribution bro, much appreciated

    two quick questions for you:

    1) how whas the atmoshpere in the arena? Warriors fans are known for being passionate and crazy, I guess Sixers aren’t the kind of team that draws big crowds, but since the Wachovia center is always empty, how does it feel to play in a loud house? Do you think Sixers felt some extra pressure?

    2) how would you break down Iguodala’s game? To me it was really bad. Is it (“only”) because Jackson played great defense or what? And how about Miller? He seemed nervous and looking more for his shots rather than distributing the ball

  2. sixerdave said

    Hey man, thanks for giving me the opportunity to contribute.

    I was preparing myself for a raucus arena, but because of the nature of the game and lopsided score, the fans were really not as into it as I had seen them in other games on television. Can you blame them when their team is up by 11 midway through the first, up by 15 at half, and up by 18 in the third. If it was a back and forth game with lead changes, I think the fans would have gone crazy at times.

    I was wondering what the deal was with Iguodala. Maybe the game plan was to attack the bigs because I didn’t see him take very many jumpshots. He didn’t impress me on this night.

    I definitely think Carney proved that he can serve a purpose for this team. I don’t necessarily think trading him to a run and gun team is a good plan, but I think it would be okay to keep Carney around. He’s not breaking our cap, and we have much worse players on the roster. However, he still needs time.


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