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Sixers sail home happy

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on March 5, 2008

5ba4e68f53e109d3ef7248228c7da88c-getty-76076197ah013_76ers_clips.jpg(BRING THE OLD SIXERS UNIFORMS BACK ! S4G CAMPAIGN – SIGN HERE)

Sixers end the trip West 2-1 thanks to a clear 80-106 win at L.A. Clippers: their record is now 28-33 (.459) after winning 10 of their last 13 games.

That’s good enough for a seventh seed in the Eastern Conference.

Pretty impressive. Both Sixers’ hot streak and the low level of the Conference, I mean.

This recap comes few hours late, it’s been really difficult to me watching the games over these days due to an overload of work, also the fact that they played West makes impossible for me to catch the games live.

But this time there isn’t much to say, honestly.

Sixers did very well what they were supposed to do, beat a bad Clippers team that was without Cassell (expected to sign with the Celtics in these hours), Tim Thomas + Brand & Livingston, of course. 

The best things to keep from this blow out were:

1) Thaddeus Young’s terrific game on both ends of the floor. Don’t get fooled by Al Thornton’s boxscore, yes he had his points but Thad (in the picture) was by far the best player: Young guarded Thornton on many occasions, drew two charges in the first quarter and played solid defense on him, pushing the Clipper to turn the ball over multiple times (he ended up with 10 !!).

His best play came in the third quarter, when he dove for a loose ball, grabbed it and started a fastbreak. This speaks volumes of his willing to fight and his attitude. One more time he didn’t force a single shot, didn’t take wrong choices: the kid plays relaxed, just like it’s a preseason game, I love this. He’s always calm and never loses his composure.

Thad drained a three in garbage time, showing he has also some range. It’s the third of his career.

2) Lou Williams was excellent offensively again, shooting the ball very well and dishing out eight dimes. He even scored on a off balanced three pointer at the end of the third: the shot (a little bit lucky, but who cares) hit the back board and went in as the buzzer sound. Lou has really been on a roll lately, let’s hope he goes on like this.

3) Iguodala did his as well. This time we didn’t need him to do the extras, it was just another day in the office for Andre.

4) Same for Miller (named Eastern Conference player of the week, for the second time this year), who had three completed alley oops in the third, making Green, Iguodala and Sam happy. He didn’t play in the fourth, getting some deserved rest.

5) Dalembert had an horrible start, despite the fact that we went to him early – to get him involved more… I am smart, uh? – but he eventually managed to score some baskets and fill the stat line.

Maybe ending the trip on a good note will give him some confidence for the next games, we need him effective. To his credit, he was playing injured.

6) the bench gave us a nice lift, Rodney Carney was good in the second quarter and reached double figure in garbage time, when he also had a wonderful baseline dunk. 

Kevin Ollie played like a bum uhm… old ass uhm… veteran point guard should do and found a way to score a rare six points.

Jason Smith saw some minutes of action again after the ankle injury and knocked down a three to set the final score. Welcome back dude, we need you back in the rotation as well.


We played for the whole trip with the ugly black uniforms… that sucks – Sixers had 19 bench points by halftime, vs Clippers’ 6 – Carney shot another LONG airball, on another wide open jumper, and from the same spot where he did it vs Golden State. Maybe he thinks that’s cool – Reggie Evans knocked down a jumper in the second: another sign that it was “one of those nights”, but in the good sense – This is Clips Nation’s recap, on point as usual – Sixers swept the season series vs Clippers, but I’m too lazy to go check the last time that happened, LOL.

Sixers get back home now, meet Seattle on Friday at the Wachovia center and then go to Milwaukee. Needless to say, the first one should be a W, while the second one… well, it could be another, if we want to be a serious playoffs team.

The remaning schedule looks pretty tough: among the others we have to meet #1 Boston twice, same for our playoffs spot rivals, Atlanta and New Jersey. Sixers’ record against these three teams is 0-6… 

But I can’t stress how much I love to watch this team fight, play hard, run and score easy baskets almost on a daily basis. Give Cheeks credit, really.

If you didn’t watch the Sixers show of the last weeks, you missed something.


2 Responses to “Sixers sail home happy”

  1. Brian said

    Really like the blog. We definitely need wins over ATL and NJ, cannot be losing to those two teams.

    Brian @ the (215).

  2. Welcome to Sixers4guidos, Brian !!
    (uhm… another Brian? Are you “depressed” too? LOL)

    Thanks for commenting and sorry for the late response but I was out for a business trip, just got back, in time for the Seattle game 😉

    I will add your nice site to my blog roll for sure and you’ll see me visit it

    later !

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