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Get out of Sam’s way

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on March 8, 2008

59bcc849f18b6ef3208b60d165fec753-getty-76075378jg014_sonics_sixers.jpg(BRING THE OLD SIXERS UNIFORMS BACK ! S4G CAMPAIGN – SIGN HERE)

“It was only the Seattle Supersonics”. 

Yes, I know it.

Still, good teams usually beat bad teams this way.

And Sixers are on their way to be a good team. Hopefully a very good team in the medium term.

There are many reasons to be happy for the 117-83 trouncing of the Supersonics, the 11th win in the last 14 games (29-33, .468).

The main one is that the game was won thanks to a terrific performance by Samuel Dalembert (in the picture), a player that has really struggled in the last weeks, also because of an injury.

Second, it marked the return to form of another big man that I think we badly need in our rotation: Jason Smith.

Third, it confirmed Thaddeus Young is an atypical rookie: his consistancy at a high level is really impressive. Check his stat line. Hey, he can start or come off the bench, that really has no influence on his huge contribution(s).

Fourth, it showed Sixers are building a strong personality and didn’t lost a step after the four days of rest following our two games winning streak in the road trip. Cheeks kept the guys focused and hungry after the two wins and all the (deserved) praise that followed. With such a young team, it’s not that easy, so give credit to our coach.

We were supposed to beat the (weak) Sonics easily, and we did it, jumping at them from the start. Not much to say about the game, honestly: Sixers built a nice lead already in the FIRST QUARTER, dominating inside: Dalembert had six and Evans seven, with Young chipping in with five quick points off the bench (33-22).

Chris Wilcox had a very good SECOND QUARTER for the Sonics, scoring 12 points and keeping them in the game, despite an early 43-27 Sixers lead: the 61 points Seattle allowed at the half, though, was a sign of defensive struggles, just like the fact that Dalembert had already reached sixteen points (to go with six rebounds), including two consecutive alley oops from Iguodala, one resulting into a three point play.

In the decisive THIRD QUARTER, after seeing Reggie Evans frontrimming a fastbreak dunk (LOL), Sixers took off thanks to Iguodala, Green and Jason Smith, who scored four consecutive points to put us up 82-64, a lead that eventually became 88-66 at the end of the period.

The FOURTH QUARTER was garbage time, with Lou Williams, Rodney Carney and Thaddeus Young having the main part of Sixers’ fun.

Speaking of nice things, how about these plays: assist from Smith to Young for a three pointer from the corner (1st quarter) – threes dimes by Carney in the first four minutes of the second quarter – the aforementioned consecutive throwdowns by Sam, always fed by Iguodala (2nd) – an explosion by Willie Green, with three field goals –> six points, in 1.40 played at the end of the second – Carney, Williams and Thad Young trading favors in the fourth, making even Amundson happy.

All our young studs were playing well and sharing the ball yesterday, that’s the best thing to see for a fan. Seven players in double figure is not a coincidence.


Louis Amundson played more than five minutes and managed to AIRBALL A FREE THROW, drawing laughter from the crowd and making me spit my soda. It wasn’t just short, it was like two feet short… – Rodney Carney made Sixers reach the 101 points mark with a jumper with 6.20 left – Mo Cheeks called time out after 42 seconds in the fourth !! He wasn’t pleased with our first two offensive possessions – I really don’t like when Lou Williams plays the point, dribbles, dribbles and then takes a 18 footer with nobody else touching the ball in the possession. That happens too often – Jason Smith had a fantastic block on Wilkins in the second, and a “dunk + foul” play in the first. This guy is a leaper – Young had 7 + 5 at the half, Evans 9 + 6, and Sixers scored 34 points in the paint.

Sixers meet the Bucks on Sunday, our buddies Alex & Frank at Brew Hoop will provide all the best coverage about Milwaukee, as usual, expect a nice preview up there soon. I mean, they are not Sixers4guidos…


3 Responses to “Get out of Sam’s way”

  1. ikar said

    ricky, i am very happy for you and for the sixers. mo cheeks is the man!

  2. hvala Ikar, thanks !!

    if he will take us to the playoffs, Mo would deserve some consideration for the Coach of the Year trophy, really

  3. Brian said

    Who does Sam U El think he is bashing Mo? Hes had two good games and all of a sudden thinks he’s an All Star Center.

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