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Sixers rout Bucks, wait for C’s

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on March 10, 2008

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The pile of blowout wins is growing and after the 97-119 win in Milwaukee the streak reached three (30-33, .476).

Sixers’ record in the last fifteen games is 12-3. You read it well, twelve wins-three losses. Wow.

Yes, it was “only the Bucks” (and without Mo Williams), like it was “only the Clippers” (without Cassell, Brand, Thomas etc) and “only the Supersonics” in the previous two slaughters.

But Sixers always play well, stay focused, put the games out of reach soon, with the right attitude. Then they relax and even have some fun.

It’s interesting how in basically every game of this long streak we had  DIFFERENT PLAYERS stepping up.

It might be one of the two Andres, but also Reggie Evans or Lou Williams coming off the bench… vs Seattle it was Dalembert, who had a heck of a game also in Milwaukee embarassing Bogut, and vs Bucks it was Thaddeus Young’s turn.

Not only the guy (in the picture, with Redd) set a new career high with 22 points, with an impressive stat line that includes ZERO turnovers in 31 minutes, but he quietly led his team mates from the start (10 points in the 1st), in a night where Iguodala didn’t have to carry the load offensively (just seven points at the break, with the game already on ice at 43-65) and Miller was distributing the ball extremely well again (9/1 in the assist/turnover ratio).

His alley oop to end the first half, off a nice dime from Miller, was just the highlight of an excellent all around game, and one of the many ways he scored: dunks, layups, jumpers, putbacks, spin moves. “And we didn’t run one play for him” said Mo Cheeks… I can confirm it, LOL .

Check out Thad’s stats for the last four games: 16.2 points, 77% FG (!!! 27/35…), 5.5 rebounds in 30 minutes per game. And he had just two turnovers in 120 minutes played !

Throw in a special game for a possessed Reggie Evans, a 43% free throw shooter that knocked down seven of his ten attempts from the line, frustrating the (frustrating) “hack-a-Reggie”strategy by coach Krystkowiak and you got that it was “one of those nights” in our favour again.

Villanueva’s effort in the third (thirteen points) wasn’t enough for these Sixers. To quote Micheal Redd, “we haven’t had a clue against Philadelpiha all year long”. Well, he is perhaps forgetting this game, but he is right about last night and the remaining two.

Bucks looked uninspired and “bored”, as if they can’t wait to end the season and start it all over. Frank from Brew Hoop explains the loss like this.


When Carney checks in and immediately drains a three pointer, you know that you can’t lose – Another strong game by Lou Williams, well done dude – Bogut looked scared by Dalembert, really – Sixers’ 60% from the field is, not surprisingly, a season high… it just seemed that every shot was going in – Ramon Sessions (?) made his NBA debut for Milwaukee. Every team has its Kevin Ollie, I guess – It was nice to see Shavlik Randolph back, he had a block and followed it with a turnover – At halftime, Sixers shot 63 % (!!) and had 36 points in the paint vs Bucks’ 18. Fastbreak points were 18-4.

Sixers schedule looks way tougher now and will be so until the end, with the tremendous mix of talents and bball knowledge called Celtics coming to town in few hours, for the second game of a back-to-back.

We might lose, but we will fight hard until the end, I know this, and it makes me happy.

(Welcome to Brian from 215 sports on my blogroll, nice Philly sports site definitely !!)


2 Responses to “Sixers rout Bucks, wait for C’s”

  1. sixers29 said

    let’s go sixerssss!!! In Thaddeus we trust!!! Saludos

  2. sixerguy said

    did you see the smooth three pointer by….Jason Smith?? That’s our future Okur!

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