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Blogger MVP/ROY rankings – Round 8

Posted by Ricky - Sixers4guidos on March 11, 2008


The eighth edition of the Blogger MVP/ROY rankings is up at TWolves Blog.

College Wolf did an amazing job of collecting votes by a panel of bloggers and putting them together: I think this is the best edition of the rankings, definitely, so make sure to check it out.

Dude makes fun of me because, for the second consecutive time, my gay Outlook Express decided to f’k me up NOT to send my votes, God knows why.

In case you care, here they are:


10 – Paul (let’s see if he will make it to #1 at least in this round 8… I think that anyone who saw him playing this year and thinks he IS NOT the MVP should be banned from every site. Look at his STARTING mate in the backcourt, look at Hornets’ roster/bench and then look at the rankings, 42-20, 2 games under #1 in the West while I type this… got it?)
9 – LeBron James (I usually don’t believe the hype (LOL) – well, at least I try to – but it’s really difficult to put him lower than #2 this year)
8 – Kobe Bryant (getting plenty of help from his teammates and got even more from Grizzlies’ GM, but give him credit)
7 – Howard (stat wise he could be easily #1, for real)
6 – Garnett (slowly working his way up, to the top of this list again… his last game vs Pistons was a statement game)
5 – Nash (I guess it’s not his fault if his GM tried to f’k things up inserting Shaq in Marion’s place… now the target of his passes is perhaps easier to spot, but unfortunately can’t run)
4 – Billups (“boring” leader of a “boring” team that happens to be #2 in the NBA)
3 – Duncan (I guess he’s really happy that nobody is considering him and his team for their respective titles.. watch out)
2 – Deron Williams (the type of player and the type of team you really DON’T want to meet in the playoffs)
1 – Mc Grady (18 wins, are you kidding me ???????????)


5 – Durant
4 – Horford
3 – Scola (you know that NBA scouting sucks because… Scola came to the League at 27 y/o)
2 – Thaddeus Young (yes, I’m biased… but if you saw this kid playing, you would agree with me… his composure, his calm attitude is fantastic for the second youngest player in the NBA. A BIG part in Sixers’ surge)
1 – Navarro/Moon (tied)

Round 9 will be up in two weeks somewhere in the blogosphere… will your guido blogger manage to be in this time?


3 Responses to “Blogger MVP/ROY rankings – Round 8”

  1. Hey Ricky,

    Thanks for the props. Also, I wasn’t making fun of you at all. Sorry if it sounded like that. I probably should have said you tried to send them in but it just didn’t work. Very lame, I agree.

  2. LOL, I didn’t get offended at all, mine was only a joke and I liked what you wrote about me, it was funny !!!!!

    I am not touchy, I was simply angry with my damn computer, you have nothing to do with that of course

    kudos again for the excellent job, I really love that layout.

    See you in Round 9 !!

  3. Ok, excellent to hear! I’m glad you appreciated the joke and the layout of the final article. Thanks again for the kind words!

    See ya in two weeks…

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